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Knights in the Middle Ages

No description

Patrick Berges

on 23 December 2014

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Transcript of Knights in the Middle Ages

Why Were Knights Important to Middle Age Society?
By: Patrick Berges
What Were Knights?
Knights were a very respected and important part to the Feudal system. They owned land and in return they had to protect their lord.
Where They Began
Knights were typically picked at a young age, and they were usually sons of loyalty. They were then trained by the knight who came before them.

Steps Continued
The Squire
-Learns the code of Chivalry, learns how to fight and how to socialize. Also the servant of the Knight who trains him.
-end of training, gets Armour and becomes a knight.
Code of Chivalry
-Went beyond battlefield to tell knights how to act.
-Respect women and be active in your community
-If not honored, publicly humiliated and stripped of knighthood.
Steps to Becoming a Knight
The process to gain knighthood took almost an entire child hood.
Chosen at young age
-learned manners
The Page
-At age 7, went to school and tendered to the lord's household needs.
So Why Were Knights so Important to Middle Age Society?
-Knights were important because they were a symbol of safety
-They were honorable and respected men by all of society
-Protected the lords and peasants in time of war
Important Continued

-Respected woman
-Brave in battle
-Honored the code of chivalry
-The main soldiers in the Crusades, brought back many ideas and riches during conquest.
The Overall Affect of the Knights
Knights protected Middle Age society and were respected men, making them very influential during their time.
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