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Photo Bucket

No description

Diana Gasiouk

on 6 February 2013

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Transcript of Photo Bucket

Diana Gasiouk Photo Bucket What is it? Photo Bucket is an application where you can upload pictures or videos and share them in albums, make "stories", and organize them in various ways, which later can be shared with friends. Photo Bucket Vs. Flickr My creation http://s1299.beta.photobucket.com/user/diana_gasiouk/story/25199 Photo Bucket Vs. Image Shack With Image Shack, you can upload pictures and share with friends on Facebook, and with photo bucket you can do so much more. I didn't really like Image Shack, it was really confusing and had few tools that were actually useful. Also, since Image Shack isn't widely used, sharing pictures would be pointless. Features Online photo editor
Ability to upload from any devices
Tell a story
Share anywhere
Control privacy
View other photos With Flickr pictures can be put into an album and shared, however with Flickr there's less creativity in sharing. Using Flickr, you can share your photo's instantly with Facebook, twitter, email, blogs and more. I personally like Photo Bucket better though, because it has more neat features, and is overall easier to use. Photo Bucket Vs. Path Path is another online application where you can share photos, then search birthdays, places, friends, dates, holidays and more to find the pictures later on. I thought that this tool was super neat. When uploading pictures, you tag certain people, seasons, friends, places, etc...which later can be viewed in the certain category you wish to see. Though Photo Bucket is easier to share with friends, I thought that Path was far more creative. Photo Bucket Vs. Streamzoo Streamzoo is another interesting online application where you can share, edit and organize photos. You can also browse through other user's photos and "like" them for points, which later adds up onto the daily , weekly and monthly leaderboards. It's a fairly new application, however over time, i think it will become fairly popular. I preferred this app over Photo Bucket for the many more features it has on it. Pros and Cons
of Photo Bucket Pros
Easy to use
Some neat features
Privacy settings
Tell a "story"
Edit Photos Cons
Not many sharing options
Browsing categories are limited
Cant have "friends" to share with
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