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Napoleon and Advertising

No description

Meleea Whittington

on 16 April 2010

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Transcript of Napoleon and Advertising

Napoleon This image exalts the virtues
of the Military Leader. It shows
Bonaparte as the saviour, the
hero that leads his troops,
siezing victory through his
victory alone. 1. It is prescriptive. It shows what many
believed Napoleon was. It shows his braveness.
2. This source shows his behavior of how he
showed self centeredness when it came to his
military leader.
3. It doesn't tell the beliefs of "ordinary"
people. It mainly just tells about how
Napoleon himself acts.
4. What was Napoleon like as a military leader?
5. How did the people under Napoleon feel about
him and his leadership?
6. I haven't read another sources interpretation.

Bonaparte at Arcole The Emperor as Legislator This image shows that the military
leader is also a powerful statesman
who's capacity for work is

1. It is prescriptive. It shows
how Napoleon was thought of as
a legislator.
2. This image does not describe
ideology and behavior.
3. This source does not tell the
perspective of the "ordinary people".
4. What was Napoleon trying to dress
5. How did the ordinary people feel
about this?
6. I have not read other interpretations
of this source. The Battle of Eylau This image was suppose to express
Napoleon's emotions in the face of
such carnage. 1. This source is descriptive
showing how things did happen.
2. It does show behavior.
Behavior of how the armies reacted.
3. It shows that the "ordinary"
people fought, even if they didn't
really appreciate Napoleon.
4. What changes can be seen in this photograph?
5. When did this take place?
6. I have not read any other interpretations. Bonaparte on Grand-Saint-Bernard pass
This image exalts a prosaic reality,Napoleon crossed the pass riding a donkey, wearing not a magnificent cloak but a simple grey greatcoat. The personification of a Romantic hero 1. It is prescriptive. It shows
what people thought Napoleon was.
2. It shows behavior of how
powerful Napoleon believes he is.
3. This source is self-centered so
it doesn't show the thought of
4. What significant thing can be
found in this source?
5. How did the ordinary people feel?
6. I have not read any other interpretations. Bonaparte visiting the plague victims of Jaffa
This image shows how touching the plague victims with complete disregard for the disease,Napoleon himself alongside kings who wrought miracles, whose touch could heal scrofula, who interceded between god and mankind 1. It is descriptive. It describes
what was happening.
2. It shows behavior of how all the
kings and Napoleon believed
3. It does show you the beliefs. It
shows how they thought miracles did happen.
4. What was taken place in this source?
5. When was this taking place?
6. I have not read any other interpretations.
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