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Copy of feasibility study: Healthy Patty

feasibility study of selected hrm students of bpsu main campus

Anamarie Marbella

on 11 July 2013

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Transcript of Copy of feasibility study: Healthy Patty


Chapter 2
Chapter 1
Project Study
The firm is
Veggie Burger.

It is derived from the product
made from fresh,
healthy and unique ingredients.
The desired location is inside the
Mariano Quinto Alarilla Polytechnic College.
Veggie Burger is a business engaged in making and serving healthy burger, which aims to offer vegetable patty, primarily made of ampalaya, to customers and that add nutrition at the least possible cost.
Chapter 4
Form of Organization
Sole Proprietorship
The Veggie burger is a sole proprietorship form of business because it is a good way for an individual to set-up a business that will only participate in one or two primary objectives and has a very simple operation structure. This kind of business is easy to form and does not necessary need a big amount of capital.
Capital: Php155, 244.00
•Resume with 2x2 picture
•2 valid Id’s
•Barangay Clearance
•Police Clearance
•High School and College Diploma

Management and Personnel Requirements

Position No. of Employee
Kitchen Staff 1
Cashier/Server 1
Total 2
Kitchen Staff
Make the Ampalaya patties
•Prepare the burgers
•Maintain and ensure the cleanliness of the working area
Cashier/ Server
•collect, count and handles money
•communicate with the customers and other individuals to answer questions, explain information, take orders and address complaints

All employee will receive their payment through payroll twice a month, half and the end of the month. Christmas bonus will be given to every employee. They will also be given an accident insurance that will be provided by the owner.

Days of Work
Hours of Work
The store will operate Monday to Friday
and will be closed on holidays, semester’s breaks and summer vacation, as indicated in the collegiate calendar for the academic year 2012-2013 released by the MQAPC administration office that is attached as school calendar
Working hours of the personnel will be from 8:00 A.M. – 11:00 to 12:00 - 5:00 P.M. or a total of 8 hours.
Salaries would be given in the 15th and the last day of the month
Salaries of the employees will depend of the number of days that he/she is present and will be deduced for a certain percentage if he/she skipped his/her shifts.
Kitchen Staff
Salary per Month
The gathering and evaluation of data regarding the consumers’ preferences for products and services. This study basically includes secondary and primary research that focuses on surveys so as to modify the product and increase the number of customer.
Target Market
The ampalaya burger will be offered inside the school premises of MQAPC. The target market will be the students, administrative staff and faculty members of the school.
To make the project possible, the researcher conducted a survey to know the consumers perception, behavior, acceptability and also the market demand on the product.

The Market Survey
The Market Survey is essential when conducting business study because it is the source where the proponents can gather data, feedback and ideas whether the product will be accepted by the public or not. Results must be analyzed orderly to finalize the plan. The proponent conducts a survey to 91 respondents.
Nanay’s Burger
– a small store that offer burger at a price of Php 10.00, it also offer egg burger, hamburger and foot long sandwich. This is located outside the campus.
Contreras Eatery
– this located within the campus in the canteen that offers breakfast and lunch meal to students and staff.
Ate Patt Sari-Sari Store
- this is considered as indirect competitors because it does not sells burger instead different food like bread, drinks, junk foods etc which is located outside the campus.

Direct and Indirect Competitors
Chapter 3
The study is about the product itself, the raw materials and supplies needed for the business, the process of producing the said product with a process flow chart, the cost of different equipments that would be used for the business and its total production cost. Determine the resources for all the materials that will be used. Analyzed every technical requirement to have a smooth production and flow of business.
Product Description
The raw materials and supplies will be purchased in the Meycauayan Market. Freshness of ingredients is necessary during the procurements. The raw ingredients are all can be found locally.
Raw Materials and Supplies
Plant Size
The Veggie Burger stall has a size of 3 meter in length 2 meter in width. The maximum seating capacity of the burger stand will be five (5) persons.

Process Flow Chart
Buying all raw ingredients in the market every Saturday

Preparation of all ingredients and making of ampalaya patty.

Combining all the ingredients together and molding and dividing the combined mixture into a regular size of patty

Stored the patty that has been made for the day for latter selling in weekdays.
Preparation of burger patty
Cooking of patty
Serving of the prepared burger to the customer
Receiving goods, Preparation of stall and Vending time until closing hours.
The ampalaya patty will be made every Saturday after the procurement of the raw ingredients by the kitchen staff and during the time where there are no enough customers in the stall. The maximum cooking time of the burger is 8 minutes in a griddle and total of 8 pieces of patty could be cook at the same time. A customer only needs to wait for about 10 minutes for the order.
Chapter 5
In a business it is important if the proposed project is financially feasible, meaning the project cost is affordable by the owner. Also, it involves the thorough coverage of all the financial information. It covers the detailed information on the total project cost, initial capital requirements, sources of financing, financial statements and financial analysis.
Major Financial Consumptions
1.Sales will be all in cash and must be recorded
2. A 10% increase is assumed for the following items:
Gross Revenues
Cost of goods sold
Cost of supplies
3. A 5% increase is assumed for the following items:
Transportation expenses
Promotion expenses

The store owner will be having a capital of Php 100, 244.00 from her savings and bank loans amounting to Php 55,000.00 a total of Php 155, 244.00

Chapter 6
In this portion of the project, it states the project’s important contributions to the Philippine economy. For the company to succeed, it is really essential to contribute a lot to the economy. With these contributions, it is not only to company who is progressing but also the economy of the Philippines. Here are the following that will benefit from the establishment of the Veggie Burger.
The business will provide an additional source of revenue for the national and local government in the forms of taxes and fees, as well as contributing to the national economy.
The business will directly employs local employees and the employment we create is often significant component in the local economy. We recognize the importance of recruiting local people and giving them the skills to help improve their employment prospects and overall livelihoods.
Having local employees and employing local expertise in the regions where we operate benefits our business as well as the community. Local people understand the culture and regulatory environment and help us operate efficiently and with sensitivity.

Considering that the business raw materials are locally available, the business is helping the producers through using and buying their product.
Local Producers
The customers are benefited because of the quality products that the business produces. The Veggie Burger makes sure that the customer only gets the best quality products. The business also make sure that they get the not just what they need but also what they want.
The customers are benefited because of the quality products that the enterprise produces. The pizza enterprise makes sure that the customer only get the best quality products.
The Burger Stall needs to have a regular supplier to gain discount on the procurement of the raw materials and ensure the quality of the product. With the establishment of the supplier relationship both of the businessand the supplier benefit.
The Veggie Burger will be responsible enough to be concerned for the environment by means of assuring that the process involves in the business operation will be environment friendly. The business will observe proper waste disposal in order to maintain cleanliness and orderliness. This will also help to lessen pollution that causes different diseases and health problems to many Filipinos. The business proponents will allocate enough budgets to sustain the execution of waste management in its operation.
Burger has wide trends in the market, almost in every place there are a lot of business selling such product whether a big company or a small casual store. Fast food restaurants, burger chains like Minute burger and Angel’s burger and small stores are businesses that primarily offer burger and this are competitors to be considered by the business.
The feasibility study is a combination of product and service in which the intended product is the ampalaya burger and the service itself is like in a fast food restaurant in which the burger will be cooked then served immediately to the dear customers. The store will most likely have dine in or take out hamburgers. The researchers came up with this idea because most often the customers want to feel comfortable while eating their food. The raw materials that will be used in the business can easily be found in the market – vegetables, meat, drinks, condiments, etc. The business also intends to look for a supplier for these raw materials so that it will be bought at a lower cost.
C. Source of Financing
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