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No description

seth chapman

on 17 August 2015

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Transcript of drums

the drum set is played by hitting the symbals and the drums with sticks preferbly drum sticks and a foot pedal. it is played by one person
what is it made out of
an average drum kit is made out plastick top wood and a metal pedal more expensive drum kits are made out of animal skins and metal
the first drum kit was invented in 1888. as early as 1830 there was experimentation with the foot pedal but it was not at its full potential until 1909 when it was the first spring driven pedal wich was invented by William F Ludwig
drum set
Drums family
the drums belong to the percussion famiy the main reason is because to get sound out the instrument you must hit the drums with drum sticks or other types of special sticks for other percusion instrument
how is the drum set is played

what music genres uses a drum set
rock and roll
heavy metal

Known people who play a drum set
chad smith
(red hot chilli peppers)
ryan burt (amity affliction)
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