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Naturalist Intelligence

No description

Ramya Bogg

on 7 September 2014

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Transcript of Naturalist Intelligence

Areas of Study
Animal and Botanical Sciences
Naturalist Intelligence

Problem Solving Situations
Categorizing objects
Collecting Data
Collecting objects from nature
Observing Nature
Keeping Notebooks
Parts of the body affected:
Right Hemisphere Brain- helps comprehend visual imagery; focuses on attention, memory, problem solving
Parietal Lobe- perception, orientation, recognition
Thalamus- senses
Hippocampus- learning, memory
Midbrain- vision, hearing, eye movement
What is Naturalist Intelligence?
the ability to observe patterns in nature, and work in environments with organisms, animals, agriculture, plant life, the outdoors, etc.
Require ability to recognize patterns, classify data, and differentiate
Landscaper, Gardener, Conservationist
Animal Trainer, biologist, fisherman, vet, zoologist
Archaeologist, farmer, chef, photographer
Techniques for teaching:
Holding a class outside
Classes focused on outdoor exploration
Keeping a nature journal
Reading reference books about natural history
Nature Walks
Observing animal behavior and ecological principles in action
Field trips
By Casey Moran, Ramya Bogg, and Jason Sherman

Notable People
Holding a class outside
Classes focused on outdoor exploration
Keeping a nature journal
Reading reference books about natural history
Nature Walks
Observing animal behavior

Jules Verne- demonstrated this intelligence in
A Journey to the Center of the Earth
Charles Darwin- came up with the theory of evolution
Jane Goodall- studies of chimpanzees

What is Naturalist Intelligence?
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Why do some people feel more at home outside than in their living room? These people have a unique type of intelligence— the naturalist intelligence.
Concluding Quote:
“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.”
-Albert Einstein
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