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Stress and physical and mental health

No description

Lacey Burch

on 21 September 2018

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Transcript of Stress and physical and mental health

- negative (distress) and positive?

Coping strategies and skills

Factors that predispose us?

Stress tolerance
Characteristics of Stressors
What makes one stressor more serious than another?

-severity of the stressor
-how closely it affects our own lives
-how expected it is
-how controllable it is


Stress and physical health
Cardiovascular diseases




Social Isolation & lack of social support

Emotion regulation
Treatments of stress-related physical disorders
Biological interventions

Psychological interventions
-Emotional disclosure
-Relaxation and meditation
- Cognitive behavior therapy
Stress and mental health
Adjustment disorder

Posttraumatic stress disorder

-risk factors for PTSD

Let's look at a case study...
The stress response
SAM system

HPA system

The mind body connection

Immune system
Prevention and treatment of stress disorders

Treatment for stress disorders
-Telephone hotlines
-Crisis intervention
-Psychological Debriefing
-Cognitive Behavioral Treatments

Stress and physical and mental health (Chapter 5)
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