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Storm Chasing

No description

Maddie Van Fleet

on 11 May 2015

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Transcript of Storm Chasing

Storm Chasing

The lives lived being Chasers
Lives injured and lives lost
Discovery Channel's Chasers
Storm chasing is all about how you handle failure, as is life. -Sean Casey
Storm Chasers: Television Show
Reed Timmer, Sean Casey & Josh Wurman
Death & Injuries
In October of 2007 a series aired called
Storm Chasers
which followed teams, but focuses on 3 leaders, Reed Timmer, Sean Casey and Josh Wurman on their journey of Storm Chasing. The series was filmed in the central United States in an area known as 'Tornado Alley'. This is a very broad area because it is stretched across several states. The show mainly followed tornadoes over any other storm.

Christopher Phillips was a storm chaser that in 1984 was chasing a tornado while it was raining and his car hydroplaned while he swerved out of the way so he wouldn't hit a rabbit. He was killed due to car tumbling off the road and towards a ditch.

Reed Timmer and his team got so close to a Tornado that the Dominator's windows were shattered causing flying glass to hit their faces.
Wednesday, April 15, 2015
Vol XCIII, No. 311
The Job of a Storm Chaser
Technology and Equipment of a Chaser
What do Storm Chasers use for Chasing?
The name basically gives away what a Storm Chaser is, but for the sake of telling you guys, their job is to find storms and track the root of them. When they see a storm such as a hurricane, large action thunder/lightning storms or tornadoes they don't find shelter like normal people do, they follow them documenting and finding their strength.This job is not for the fearful or the bored, this is a risk filled job that can take lives. There have been several recorded deaths either by lightning strikes, car accidents (Hydroplaning) or Tornadoes.
Storm Chasers go out on a limb to get to a storm that has the possibility of not happening. They will drive hours upon hours to get to a scene that might have a storm occurring.
This really depends on the Chaser. Many Chasers choose the minimalistic approach where they only bring cameras and other photographic equipment. Others can choose to use satellite, vehicle mounted weather trackers, radio scanners, and weather radar gear.

What are Storm Chasers?
The first on is especially important because they put other people's lives over their own.
Storm chasing is not a hobby for every
one as one can see; it can get very
One of the teams of Chasers on the show
uses a vehicle they call the 'Dominator'. It was a modified version of the 2007 Chevrolet Tahoe. The modifications included adding bullet proof metal to the exterior for flying parts from tornadoes, and storm chasing technology to help during chases.

Events and Tragedies
There have been many tornadoes in history, some that have reached up to 2.5 miles in length and have completely taken out houses, shopping centers, destroyed vehicles, etc.
Tornadoes cause a lot of damage in towns and cities that end up costing people millions in fixing the destruction.
In the United States tornadoes are mostly found in an area called Tornado Alley. This includes Texas, Kansas, Nebraska and Oklahoma. Still part of the Tornado Alley but not as common are Mississippi, Minnesota, Kentucky and Iowa.

Video is Storm Chased by a unknown Chaser in Minnesota.
Touch the Earth
Why I chose Storm Chasing
I chose Storm Chasing as a good representation of touching the earth because of the impacts these people and storms have on everyday life. Chasers push past fear that most people have to keep others safe while still collecting data. The storms however have obvious effects on the earths natural elements and man-made structures. Destroying buildings, transportation options, and can end up costing the populations millions of dollars in repairs. These storms draw communities closer together, helping them learn to depend on things that have more value than a dollar amount. Storm Chasing helps people surrounded by the storms and hopefully in the future we can see if we can lessen the impacts of the Storms.
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