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Genocide: 8 stages and timeline

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Kaylee Corry

on 5 April 2013

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Transcript of Genocide: 8 stages and timeline

Genocide Final Stages What is Genocide? Never again turns into again and again Any of the following acts such as killing, seriously harming, preventing births, and transferring children with the intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnic, racial or religious group. The Eight Stages of Genocide Stage 1: Classification-"Us and Them". Stage 3: Dehumanization- One group denies humanity of another group. Stage 4: Organization- Genocide is organized and planned out, usually by the state. Stage 5: Polarization- Extremists severely alienate the group. Higher form of Dehumanization. Stage 8: Denial- Instigators of genocide deny killings; cover their tracks. Stage 6: Preparation- Victims are physically separated out from public because of religion or ethnicity. Stage 7: Extermination- killings of group quickly grow into mass murder. What can be done to stop genocide? Organizations online
Learn more about the places of risk
Recognize the signs of genocide
Vow to never take part in anything to do with genocide http://preventgenocide.org
http://histclo.com/essay/war/com/wc-nk.html (north Korea site)
Left To Tell by Immaculee Ilibagza
The Atlas of Human Rights by Andrew Fagan
http://www.ushmm.org/wlc/en/article.php?ModuleId=10007392 Why should I care? 1914-1917 Armenian Genocide 1932-1933 Soviet Union/Stalin 1938-1945 Holocaust 1975-1979 Cambodian Genocide 1987-1989 Kurd Genocide/Saddam Hussein 1994 Rwanda genocide 2003-Today Darfur Genocide North Korea ? ? TIMELINE OF GENOCIDE Darfur is disliked by other countries surrounding it
Genocide instigated by Sudan government
Janjaweed-bad guys
SLA & JEM-rebel groups
400,000 people have died so far, and it is still occurring today
Government denies massacre and alliance with Janjaweed Government planned the genocide early on
Killing began after the President's death
Hutu's killed Tutsi's
Lasted 91 days
Guns and machetes
800,000 people killed Pol Pot
The Khmer Rouge were Pol Pots people
Forced to move to labor camps
Worked to death or executed
About 1.4 million dead
Skull memorials 1944- Lawyer Raphael Lemkin introduces the term "genocide".
Has been called "ethnic cleansing" or "purging".
Roughly 75 million died in 20th century because of genocide. Turks persecuted Armenians
WW1- genocide begins
Sent to battle without guns, death marches, firing squads, thrown off cliffs, burned alive, or drowned in rivers
Over 2 million Armenians killed Herero and Namaqua 1904-1905 The tribes rebelled against Germany
General Lothar von Trotha gave execution order
Shot, hanged, deprived of water, labor camps
70,000 Herero and 10,000 Nama killed Stalin: Dictator of Soviet Union (now Russia)
Starved Ukrainian and Central Asian people
28 million Soviet citizens sent to labor camps
5-8 million died in camps
10 million killed from 1927-1938 1990-1995 Bosnia Bosnia Government declared independence from Yugoslavia
Serberians invaded Bosnia with coverup to "protect Orthodox Christians"
Serbs used Starvation, bombings, dehydration, rape camps, and grenades on civilians
100,000+ people died Rumors of starvation, torture, mass murder
Why: Communist government, people have no control over own choices
N.K. lets us see what they want us to see
Not enough proof to prove or disprove a genocide Facts Roughly 6 million Jews died in the Holocaust
10 Million people overall
The Holocaust makes up about 14% of all deaths by genocide in 20th century Bibliography Occurred in Iraq
Saddam was unofficial leader; openly idolized Stalin
Attempt at genocide occurred during Anfal campaign
Targeted Ethnic Kurds
Chemical bombing: killed 182,000 Kurds, over 75% of their villages destroyed
Suddam Hussein was tried and found guilty in Dec 2006 and sentenced to death Stage 2: Symbolization-Other names or symbols given to those classified. Genocide is not random.
People are dying every day because of genocide.
We are the generation with the power to stop it.
It could happen to you someday.
Genocide will keep happening without action. Don't let it keep happening
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