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ObjectAid UML

No description

Ana Mateos

on 7 March 2014

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Transcript of ObjectAid UML

What is ObjectAid?
Sequence diagram
Allows the quick and easy creation of sequence diagrams from existing code

Dropped Java types turn into new objects

Java methods turn into messages between objects:
Manually add a message
Add the operations called by a method
Add all called methods up to the root are included (Call Hierarchy view)
Add from Java Stack Trace Console
Agile code visualization tool for the Eclipse IDE
Uses the UML notation to show a graphical representation of existing code (source or compiled)
Code can't be manipulated

Allows software developers to document and explore Java source code within the Eclipse IDE

Main advantages:
Very simple to use
Automatically updates as the code changes

class diagrams (free/ not open source)
sequence diagrams (license)
diagram add-on (license)
ObjectAid UML
Class diagram
Describes the structure of a system by showing their classes, attributes, operations and the relationships

ObjectAid allows creation of class diagrams from existing code

Integrated with Eclipse views: Javadoc, declaration, search, call and type hierarchy view

Save the diagram as a GIF, PNG or JPEG
Diagram add-on
Provides additional features for the Class and Sequence Diagram

Add notes into any diagram
Hide property accessors (getters and setters)
Edit the multiplicity of associations in class diagrams
The 'Diagrams view' shows all ObjectAid diagrams
Change the color of individual diagram nodes
Save diagrams in SVG and PDF
How to create a class diagram?
Class diagrams are stored as XML files with the extension '.ucls

You can select what you want to show

All user interaction with the class diagram is mouse-based (clicking, dragging, drag and drop, context menus)


Easy to use

Useful for viewing an existing system in UML notation

Integrated with Eclipse views

Automatically refreshed

Sequence diagram and advanced features available with license
When a class is added to a diagram, relationships to other classes in the diagram are reverse engineered
Relationships supported:
ObjectAid vs PlantUML
collections and
with type parameters are reverse engineered as associations
collection or
can be converted into an association
Bidirectional association
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