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Number the Stars - WW2

Background Knowledge of Number the Stars 1

Sulim Kang

on 28 August 2014

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Transcript of Number the Stars - WW2

Number the Stars
Background Knowledge

Olleh Kay. T.

World War 2
The Axis
The Allies
The War lasted
from 1939 to 1945
The War Zone
Europe, in Russia,
North Africa and in Asia.
by Adolf Hitler
Germany invaded Poland,
Holland, Belgium,
France, Denmark and Norway
Invaded Korea, China, and other
Asian countries.
War End
On 6 June 1944,
Allied forces landed
in Normandy (France)
World War 2

Allies List
Great Britain
Soviet Union (after 6/1941)
U.S. (after 12/1941)
Plus many smaller
European nations
The Axis List
Japan surrendered due to
Atomic Bombs in 1945.
The Holocaust
6 million Jews
were killed by Nazi
Food Ration
began in 1940
hand coupons from your ration book for shopping
Resistance Movements
In all Nazi-occupied countries.
Denmark, France, Poland,
Norway, Western Europe and Russia
Jews were sent to
the special camp
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