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Technologists and Technicians Medical Lab Tech

No description

Harley Eger

on 16 May 2013

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Transcript of Technologists and Technicians Medical Lab Tech

Clinical Laboratory Technologists and Technicians Medical Lab Tech Earnings Median Pay Working Conditions
Medical labs
Doctors' offices
Pharmaceutical firms
Research institues Education 2-year college of Technical Training
4 year college or university

Regerstration in some states
Regerstration or license
Technologists- Bacherlor's degree Tasks Use test insterments
record patient and test information
provide test results to doctor
specialize in tests
technologists more advanced than
technicions Likes/Dislikes
intrest in chemistry
health of people
human biology
short tasks Aptitudes Technologists:$38,000-$75,000
A year
Typical Earning Range:$20-$80
Meadian pay in 2010: $22.44 an hour
$46,680 a year
35-45 hours a week
Evening and weekend shifts Regerstrations and Licenses Responsible,
able to work independently,
Flexible in schedule,
good with people,
detail oriented,
compassion. Likes: Dislikes: accurate in math or counting
technical equipment
cleaning or clearing up Related Careers Biological tech,
Medical imaging tech,
Radiation Therapist. Work Hours: Works at: Radiation Therapist Uses: Targeted energy
killing cancer cells
shrink tumors
provides relief for cancer symptoms Work Shifts:
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