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My Final Project

No description

Miguel Regomellez

on 30 May 2014

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Transcript of My Final Project

Module 2
Module 1
Modules 3,4,5
1. Digital Literacy/
Create an avatar
Comic that represents our emotions
My 3,2,1 presentation:

Acceptable Use Policy Form
Work Experience
My favourite tool is Powtoon and I think that is a great learning tool [...]
My digital storytelling portfolio
Miguel Fernández Molina
2. Sharing Stories Through Comics
4.Collaborative Storytelling
5. Storytelling with Mobile Devices
Thanks a million!!
Here you can see the tools and platforms we have used...
My tiny story: https://twitter.com/Hilldegar/status/453644638394400769
Online Safety Activities
3. Video Storytelling
Movie Trailer Storyboard

Video Editing Scenes:
Behaviour Rules

Global Digital Storytelling Presentation

Contribute to a Collaborative Chain Story

Organize a Collaborative Digital Story

Create a Mobile Learning Lesson Plan

Evaluating web based apps

Support Learners with I can cards

First Steps
The task that I enjoyed most out of the entire course was the creation of the film "Behaviour Rules" in module 3. Video Storytelling [...]
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