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No description

Courtney Casper

on 29 October 2014

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Transcript of Shift

Chris is one of the main characters in this book.
Chris is adventurous because on page 10 he told his mom that he wants to go on a bike trip with Win.

Flashback is when they are talking about the past and not present.
Chris's Mom and Dad
Chris's mom is a nice person, and she cares a lot about Chris. She is very loving and sweet.
Chris's dad is very calm and he is nice too. He is very confident that Chris and Win will make it ok on their bike trip.

Win's Mom and Dad
Agent Ward
Agent Ward is a minor character in this book. He is eager to find out about Win from Chris. Agent Ward also seems nice because he isnt beeing mean to Chris when he asks him questions.
Vanti is also a minor character in this book. She seems friendly so far because she asked Chris if he wanted to be partners and she told him about herself on page 60.
Mr. Coggans is a minor character in this book. He seems kind of mean because on page 80 it said that Win won this spelling bee and his dad didn't even congradulate him, he just asked Win why he had misspelled onyx.
Presented by:Courtney Casper
By: Jennifer Bradbury
Win is another main character in this book.
Win is weird because on page 8 Agent Ward said that Win doesn't have an uncle in Seattle.

Chris's mom
Win's mom is kind of unfriendly because it said on page 46 that she was on her phone the whole time when they were waiting for their salads.
Win's dad is friendly and nice. He is nice because he let Win go on the bike trip with Chris.
Chris's dad
Win's mom
Win's dad
Mrs. Coggans is sometimes nice but sometimes unfriendly. She can be unfriendly because it said that she was on her phone the whole time they were waiting for their salads.
Mr. and Mrs. Coggans
Flashback Setting
Present Day Setting
The protagonist is Chris because he is the good one. The antagonist is Win because he is causing problems because he is missing.

The kind of conflict is man vs. man because it's Chris "against" Win, and they are two different people.
Chris and Win go on a bike trip from West Virginia to Seattle, Washington. When Chris get's back Win is missing!
Rising Action
Chapter 9- Detective Ward told Chris that Win was traveling with $19,000, when they were on their bike trip.
Chapter 6- Chris and Win leave from West Virginia to go on their bike trip.
Chapter 9
Chapter 6
What Chris and Win experienced
One thing that Chris and Win did was scamp for somewhere to stay, and they ended up at a church in the forest, in Ohio. This happened on pages 71-73 and in chapter 8.
Another thing that Chris and Win did was when they were shopping with the rubber glove. Chris and Win were doing this in Indiana. They were shopping with the rubber glove on page 85 and chapter 10.
The third thing that Chris and Win did was that they met a girl almost everywhere they went, for example in chapter 7 and on page 60, Chris met Vanti in West Virginia at his college.
Chris's Bus Ride
Chris was going to try to find Win. He was going to try and find him because if he doesn't then his dad will probably lose his job.
What happens to Chris and Win?
Climax for Present Day
The climax for Chris in present day is when Chris went on a bus to try to find Win.
Climax for Flashback
The climax for Chris in flashback days is when Win leaves Chris alone on the road, and Win goes missing.
Falling Action
The falling action of this book would be when Chris finds Win at Morgan's farm. Also another falling action would be when Chris says to Win that he doesn't need him anymore. The last falling action was when Win gave Chris his money.
Chris Rising Action Changes
Chris was shocked when he heard that Win was carrying $19,000 with him on the bike trip. He was shocked because he would have never known that and Win never told him about it.
Chris was excited about going on the bike trip with Win, but then later in the story he was kind of mad. He was mad later in the story because Win went missing, and left Chris alone.
Win Rising Action Changes
Win acted like nothing happened when detective Ward told Chris about the $19,000. He acted like that because he didn't really care.

Win was also excited to go on their bike trip, but then he was guilty at the end because he actually wanted Chris to find him, so he sent him postcards.
I think the best theme would be perseverance because Chris and Win faced a lot of difficult times during their trip. One of my examples would be when Win was facing the wind. He said that the wind was evil. Another example is when Chris was left alone on the road, and Win just left him. At that point Chris was kind of mad because he was all by himself.
Theme Song
For my theme song I would pick Change by Taylor Swift because I think it's about perseverance. The verse that I think is most important is this one;So we've been outnumbered
Raided and now cornered
It's hard to fight when the fight ain't fair
We're getting stronger now
Find things they never found
They might be bigger
But we're faster and never scared
You can walk away, say we don't need this
But there's something in your eyes
Says we can beat this
Chris and Win are still friends, but they aren't together all the time like they were before. Chris just went back to college and Win is living at Morgan's farm for now. Win said "Do you need me anymore?" and then Chris said "No Win. I don't guess I do."
Book Review
What I liked most about this book was the flashback. I liked the flashback because it had a lot more details to tell the story with. One thing that I didn't like about this book was that there isn't a sequel. If there was a sequel I would like to read it! I would recommend this book because I think it's a good book about perseverance. If I had to rate this book out of 5 stars I would rate it 5 because it's a really good book!

By: Jennifer
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