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Marketing Mix- PlayStation 4

Business 10 Project

Patricia Bartolo

on 17 March 2014

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Transcript of Marketing Mix- PlayStation 4

Sony Corporation
Prior to the launch date of the PS4, Sony released various television advertisements to promote the new innovation.
"Greatness Awaits"
Similar to the Super Bowl ads we have seen in class, Sony premiered its first TV commercial for the heavily anticipated PlayStation 4 gaming console during the NBA Finals on June 11, 2013. This purposeful choice of marketing acquired a vast amount of audience, especially basketball players, and gained Sony new future customers. The commercial features a man speaking directly to the camera (audience) in efforts to inspire the viewers to achieve "video game greatness", highlighting popular games the dominant population of gamers desire, such as "Assassins Creed IV: Black Flag".
"This Is For The Players"
Like any other PlayStation TV commercial, it highlights multiple games in a creative way, merged together in the background. Sony shows the connection between them, the customers and the games through this kind of advertisements, a creative and purposeful choice of marketing indeed. For example, the commercial is introduced by a narrator who states "This Is For The Players" (representing what is being viewed and as well as the gamer himself), while the camera focuses on the group of boys passing a ball. As each player come into contact with the object, it changes its chape into what seems to represent the buttons of the controller, "X", "Y", "O", and " ". This is an example of the connection between PlayStation, soccer players and the game "FIFA 14".
Apart from TV commercials, Sony uses social networking sites, such as Twitter and Facebook, to inform its customers about new creations that is to be released.
Reaching over 36 million "likes"on Facebook...
...and over 3 million "followers" on Twitter.
In the wake of World War II, March 7, 1946 to be precise, Sony Corporation was founded by Masaru Ibuka who started an electronics shop in a department store building in Tokyo, Japan. With a $530 in capital, Ibuka was joined by a total of eight employees. The following year, Akio Morita, a colleague of Ibuka joined him and together they founded "Tokyo Tsushin Kogyo". The company was the inventor of Japan's first tape recorder. The company's named was changed to "Sony" in the year of 1958. The company created many new innovations that enabled them to progress to the west.
Why Sony?
Sony was our company of choice because it has such a wide variety of electronic product line that it's hard to miss even the weakest information online. It's incredible works is so extraordinary that it is high praised by many. The high-performance and the details of each product admires not just the both of us but a lot of other users. A reliable company, indeed!
How Big Is Sony?
According to Sony's statistics, in comparison to the year of 2012 and 2013, it's sales are at a constant rate with each category of product lines.
See website:
This innovative campaign does not only target "gamers", like what Sony has done in the past, but to reach a broader audience. Sony is trying to accelerate to the more casual family and kids market, but as its features are released it seems to be a lot more "gamer-centric" as they thought. They created games rated for most ages but generally geared towards the individuals in their late teens to early 30s. A main reason for this age target is because, the product is quite expensive for those too young and for the most part, people who are older tend to neglect these kind of products as they are busy in their everyday lives, it's just a matter of how their consumers behave. So, individuals in their late teens and early 30s who have jobs can afford this product with the time and energy they have. In the United States, the average "gamer" is around 30 years old and at least 40% are female and women over 18 make up 34% of all gamers.

The PlayStation 4 was set to launch on November 5, 2013, just in time for the 2013 holiday shopping. Sony announced that there will be a selection stores to participate in a midnight launch. These stores includes:
Best Buy
and many more
Best Buy stated that they created two separate lines for customers who have pre-ordered the console and the other for the customers purchasing from the available limited quantities.
The new gaming console was also available to be purchase online prior to the release date. In addition to the midnight launch locations, the PS4 was available to all other entertainment-related outlets.
Sony conducted major launch parties at San Francisco and New York on the day of the release.
The PlayStation 4 costs approximately $381 to manufacture and Sony has decided to release the product at the price of $399.99. In Canada, they have raised to price to $449 since Saturday, March 15. Sony is relying on the PS4 to boost its sales, as they have decided to cut their annual profit forecasts by 40% due to the lost of $8 billion last year in a three month period ending September 30. This impact was caused by the strategic price reduction of PlayStation Vita- another PlayStation product by Sony- and the unfavourable impact of the foreign exchange rates. The PlayStation 4 will play a role in the hopeful increase of sales as it offers a high-performance experience for its users.
Sony PlayStation 4's major rival is the Microsoft Xbox One, as it always has been with previous generations of both gaming console. Having released a week apart, both consoles definitely received hype from the public as the rivals battle for the market.
How are they different?
The PlayStation 4 is the newest gaming console created by Sony. It has many features that were magnified from the previous generation. Sony hopes to give its users a high-performance experience that ever before. With its sleek console comes the newly designed controller, both will be packaged available to purchase.
Comparison between PS3 and PS4
Since PlayStation Vita, released two years ago, failed to achieve the sales goal, Sony decided that the PlayStation 4 would play a role in its revitalization by lowering the price of both products and connecting it. They chose to create games available to both devices. For example, when you wish to pause your game on the PlayStation 4, you can resume your game on your PlayStation Vita elsewhere. By connecting the two products together, it helped increase the sales for PlayStation Vita and became more desirable by consumers. This is a way Sony provided convenient options for their customers. Overall, Sony made purposeful and effective marketing strategies to compete better and to increase its sales. Although, there is room for more improvements in their marketing approach. These improvements may include, decrease manufacture costs and target family market.
P.S. Our template replicates the PS4 controller!!
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