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ISO 9001

No description

Hani Shaikh

on 22 February 2011

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Transcript of ISO 9001

Introduction. Outline Introduction Diving Execution Plan Conclusion Quality Management System What is “ Erasing the Bar” Project ? Management system project.
The latest related international standards.
Provide the users with professional and flexible procedures to execute any tasks.
Provide the management with sufficient keys to monitor and assess the activities inside the organization. Mission “To enhance the individual outputs by optimizing the time and experience effectivlly in the safest manner” Vision “ To assist the employees with managements to work in the most effective and proactive environments that will impact the performance of the department positively” Execution Plan Benefits Increase the number of efficient operations.
Assure customer satisfaction.
Improve employee motivation and awareness.
Optimizing manpower and the experiences.
Time Saving. Diving Inside the ISO 1. Quality management system tools Quality manual.
Control of documents.
Tracing system. 5. Management Responsibility Customer focus
Quality policy
Quality objectives
Responsibility, authority and communication
Management review 2. Resource management Resources availability.
Human resource.
Work environment.
Infrastructure. 4. Product realization Planning assessment.
Customer- related processes. 3. Measurement, analysis and improvement Area of improvements (Customer satisfaction, Internal Audits,…..)
Control of nonconforming product.
Data analysis.
Improvement (Corrective action, Preventive action) 1.Workshops 2.Writing Write the Chapters Write the Quality Manual for the Unit 3. Audit Activities Questions A. Defining the Outputs
B. Defining the Inputs
C. Defining the Controlled Documents
D. Defining the Controlled Records
E. Defend workload Distribution.
F. Defend Tasks / Responsibilities
G. Defend Authority Presented by
Eng. Hani Al-Shaikh
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