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Harmonic Cloud Services

As presented during NAB2013 the Harmonic Cloud solutions

Jacco vanderKooij

on 24 April 2013

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Transcript of Harmonic Cloud Services

Cloud Bursting Cloud “Pay as you go” Local “Pay as you go” Cloud transcode rental Local transcode rental Carbon in the cloud Video Quality Analysis Consume media processing, delivery & management services on demand Cloud Projects https://aws.amazon.com/marketplace/pp/B00BEP74L8/ Carbon MP Scenario Transcode capacity “Rental” Managed Cloud Farm Elements of a video cloud solution Concept SaaS Portal Alarm logging Iris as a Service

Unlimited data retention
FCC compliance
Commercial compliance

Professional services for VQ Analysis & tuning Media Workflow Transfer, Transcode, QC, Archive all in one system

Monitor your Jobs

Find, identify, annotate and produce new content

Web based access Reporting Backup & Sync Services This will affect design for:
Performance & Density The trend:
buy less HW & rely on virtualized infrastructure Launch a fully operational Carbon VM in less the 10 minutes

Bring your own Amazon account

Use as a desktop application (RDP)

Use as a transcoding engine (API) Available today Customer operation & farm management, carbon nodes on AWS Customer operation, Harmonic farm management, WFS farm on AWS Partner operation & farm management, WFS farm on VMware Need 15 extra nodes for 3 months to launch a new content package
Can allocate available local VM capacity to process the load Pricing Model Comparison* Regular carbon list price: $5,995 per node
Perpetual capacity quote: 15x$5,995=$89,925
Carbon rental license : $340 per month
3 month rental of 15 nodes = 3x 15x $340=$15,300 Fully managed farm solution in AWS

Capacity rented on a monthly basis

Coordinated with Harmonic professional services Private cloud transcoding & media delivery services Managed WFS cloud farm for a custom project (Mexico) Deployed
since 2012 Powering the largest cloud transcoding farm for OTT Managed Transcoding Services (MTS) A Multi-tenant managed transcoding service Tiered subscription; pay-per-transcode-minute Local processing, cloud processing, Hybrid burst/overflow Consolidated Job view; local nodes listing; Single point API; Utilization dashboard; local WFS backup... Pricing Model ? IT Management ? Business App Operation ? Location ? Virtualization Self service Elasticity Automation Cloud
Technology Cloud
as a
Business Model Rental Pay Per Use Outsource Computing as a utility Professional
Services four questions to frame a "cloud" discussion Cloud Transcoding Demonstration Harmonic Cloud Vision What is "cloud"? Datapath Control Plane Business Model Operation Demonstration of Customer A: Inventory: 4 Node farm
Pricing: Perpetual licenses (CAPEX) Demonstration of Customer B: Inventory: 4 Node farm + 10 node local VM capacity
Pricing: 4 x perpetual CAPEX, 10 x local nodes on PPU (transcode minute)
Policy: Local PPU nodes kick in when #jobs > 30 Demonstration of Customer C: Inventory: 4 Node farm + cloud burst capacity
Pricing: 4 x perpetual CAPEX, cloud capacity PPU (transcode minute - by resolution)
Policy: Cloud burst kicks in when #jobs in queue > 20 Application Services Flexible Pricing Cloud Transcoding Concept Available today Bringing Video to Life Bringing Video to Life by Yoav Derazon Collect logs from all devices and managment systems into a single repository

Troubleshoot system issues across multiple locations or devices

Get faster help from Harmonic support

Store long-term performance information for SLA compliance Concept Concept Collect and present inventory infromation

Identify misconfigurations and deviations from standard policy

Complement support

Generate executive information reports Concept Automatically backup management system databases and device configurations

support disaster recovery across multiple geo-locations

Synchornize settings automatically across systems (e.g. alarm thresholds, encoding presets etc.) Concept NAB 2013, Las Vegas http://mosaic.tatacommunications.com/modules/content-transform.asp * Example only. Not to be regarded as a formal quote or a commercial proposal. Restrictions apply. The targeted timeframes, products, features and/or functionality described herein are estimates only, shall not be relied on, may be changed at any time at Harmonic's sole discretion, and shall not be interpreted as an obligation or deliverable for current or future orders, and shall not be incorporated into any contract. Obligations and deliverables are defined on an independent basis pursuant to the individual contract terms and will default to current performance capabilities. Nothing herein shall create or impose any obligation on the part of Harmonic. Welcome to Want to learn more? http://www.linkedin.com/in/yoavderazon Design by Jacco van derKooij
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