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Mobile Killing Squads

No description

cameron shorer

on 5 May 2014

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Transcript of Mobile Killing Squads

Mobile Killing Squads
"Special Action Squads"

The squads originated from a operation to secure government files in march 1938.

Mobile Killing Squads first deployed after Germany invaded the Soviet Union on June 22 1941.

Seven squads took part in the invasion of Poland to kill all polish government officials.

Approximately 65 000 civilians and leaders of polish society were killed
The Beginning
A new stage of the Holocaust began. The holocaust went from imprisonment and forced labor to mass murder
The Objective
The Mobile Killing Squad's
objective was to kill any Jews and soviet communist they could find in the Soviet territory.
This was called operation T4.
They took the Jewish by surprise when they did this.
The Procedure
The Killing Squads rounded up the Jews and forced them to give up any valuables and undress
they marched them to open fields, forests, and ravines on the outskirts of cities
There, they were shot or gassed in gas vans.
Then, they were thrown into mass graves.
September 21 1941
On the Jewish New Years Eve a squad entered a small town.
They rounded up 4 000 Jews into 3 synagogs
and held them for 2 days without food or water.
Then, they were taken to a cemetery, lined
up in front of open pits and shot to death.
September 29-30 1941
34 000 Jews were killed at Babi Yar
over the course of a 2 day
Thousands more Jews were killed at Babi Yar during the following months
December 1 1941
Killing Squad Commander Karl Jaeger reports 137 346
Jews killed between
July 2 and
December 1 1941.
Only 35 000 Jews remain in the area as forced Labourers in ghettos.
This is known as the
"Jaeger Report"
The Executioners
Executioners were
"ordinary" men who followed orders from very corrupt officers.
Propaganda was used to help them view victims as enemies.
They would get drunk and used code
words like
"special action"
to distance themselves
from their terrible crimes
The "Final Solution"
People say Mobile Killing Squads were the first step to the "Final solution" of the Jewish people
Over 1 000 000 Jewish Men, Women, and Children were killed by
Mobile Killing Squads.
Mobile Killing Squads were battalion sized groups of Nazis and European police Led by the SS.
Mobile Killing Squads
Gas Vans were vans reequipped as mobile gas chambers.
Had an air tight chamber for victims that exhaust went into.
They were killed by carbon
monoxide poisoning and suffocation.
Gas Vans became known
when the Nazis
gassed 7 000 soviet
civilians in 1940.
The shooting of women and children took a toll on executioners.
Arthur Nebe was hired to research other, less stressful ways of killing the victims.
His research led him to the use of gas vans.
There Were two types of gas vans:

The Opel-Blitz -
Weighing 3.5 tons
Holding 30-50 people

The Saurerwagen -
Weighing 7 tons
Holding 70-100 people

Killing Squad Trial
At the close of World War 2, 24 senior leaders of the squads were prosecuted in 1947-1948 under U.S military.
They were Charged with war crimes, crimes against humanity and membership of the SS killing Squads.
14 executions were carried out, others got reduced sentences and went back to civilian life after.
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