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Career Comparison

No description

Sam Underhill

on 15 May 2014

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Transcript of Career Comparison

Career Comparison
by: Sam Underhill

Attributes &
The attributes and abilities to this job are you enjoy teaching kids, patient, calm, understanding, and you have to have communication skills.
I wouldn't like
Elementary School Teacher
Job choices
Elementary School teacher
Core Tasks
Teach a few subjects
Prepare grades
Monitor students
Go to meetings
Complete paperwork and report cards
Wage and Salary
The salary rage is from $45,780 to $73,810 yealry.

Is this career a good fit for me?
Elementary School Teacher
Work Place
Elementary School Teacher
An elementary school teacher teaches kids from the grades of kindergarden to sixth grade. An elementary school teacher is a human services job.
Sports Instructor
A sports instructor plays sports and works with competive athletes. A sports instructor is also a human services job.
Elementary School Teacher
Sports Instructor
Teach students the rules of sports
Help students with moves
Assess skills and assign game positions
Motivate athletes
Sports Instructor
Work for sports
Work indoors or outdoors
Some only teach 2 to 3 hours a week while others work 20 or more
The hours are irregular
At risk of strain or injury
Employed by public schools or private school
Work in classroom
Often spend nights and weekends preparing lessons
Most work averages 9 - 10 months
Teaching can be tired and stressful but rewarding
Elementary School Teacher
The attributes and abilities are you’re good with people, have leadership abilities, able to motivate others, patient, and you have to have communication skills.
Sports Instructor
Elementary School Teacher
The salary rage is from $17,610 to $40,000 yearly.

Sports Instructor
Elementary School Teacher
This is a good fit for me bacause I get to work with kids. I love working with kids. I'm also a good student. I get good grades and I like school.
Sports Instructor
This is a good job for me because I love sports. I'm a good athlete, so I can teach people how to play the sports I love. I'm also good with people too.
Crabby kids
Kids who don't want to try
Staying up late working on lessons
Sports Instructor
Poor sports
People who give up easily
Negative people
To be a teacher you have to get a bachelor's degree at the least. You can also go back and get a master too. If you have a master you can get payed more. The majors I need to have are math and english.
Sports Instructor
To be a sports instructor you may have to go to college and get a associate degree but you don't have to. Classes you'll want to take are hysical education and exercise science.
Aquinas College
Enrollment number
Acceptance rate
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