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Kubo and the Two Strings: A Hero's Journey

No description

estrella soto

on 24 May 2017

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Transcript of Kubo and the Two Strings: A Hero's Journey

A Hero's Journey
Stage 1: Call to Adventure
Stage 2: Supernatural Aid
Stage 2: Threshold
Stage 3: Challenges/Temptations
Stage 4: The Abyss
Stage 5: Revelations/Transformation
Stage 6: Return/ Sharing Gift
Kubo's call to adventure was when he broke his mother's rule of staying out past dark and having to find his dad's armor that will keep him safe with his toy monkey that his mother used up the rest of her magic to bring to life to protect him.
When Kubo is getting chased by his mother's sisters that want to take his other eye (one of his eyes were already taken), his mother saves him and with the last bit of magic she has, she brings his toy monkey to life as his protector for his journey to find his dad's armor.
The threshold of Kubo's journey was when he went into the ocean looking for the second part of the armor. When he was down there he saw a monster that put him in a trance. While he was in the trance, he saw monkey, then his mom. He was pulled up from the ocean unconscious, when he woke up he realized that the monkey was his mom.
One of the many challenges Kubo had to face with his monkey and beetle was to get one of the three parts of the armor, that being the unbreakable sword. This sword was deep into the skull of a skeleton monster that would kill anyone trying to take any of the many swords on it's head. However, Kubo found the unbreakable sword and once it was pulled, the skeleton broke.
In the 4th stage of Kubo's journey, at this point both of his parents are gone and he's alone, he finds the last piece of the armor and faces his grandfather who wants to turn him immortal and take his other eye. However, he refused to go with him because of what he has done and has caused. His grandfather got fed up and turned into a flying monster and Kubo killed him.
Kubo and the Two Strings
When he was alone, Kubo realized he had to defeat his evil grandfather alone, before he did he took a piece of string and tied it to his wrist like he did with a strand of hair of his mother's head. He had been put through obstacles and turned his immortal grandfather mortal.
Kubo had defeated his grandfather with his Shamisen (Japanese instrument) and since the strings broke off, he used the strand of his hair, his mom's, and the string of his father. In the end, his grandfather forgot everything that happened and didn't know who he was and the whole village that just watched them fight had good souls about him and told him he was one of the most amazing and nice men in their village
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