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Famous Australin Refugee

Frank Lowy

Molly Dawson

on 26 October 2012

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Transcript of Famous Australin Refugee

http://www.theaustralian.com.au/archive/business-old/holocaust- truth-set-frank-lowy-free/story-e6frg9gx-1225952919237 Famous Australian Refugee Frank lowy was born in
Fil'akovo, Czechoslovakia.
He grew up in Budapest,
Hungary during World War ll. Place of birth: Frank Lowy dreams are that his
children take over the Westfeild
business as successfully as he did
and do as well as he did and hopes
that his children will enjoy it. What is his hopes and dreams for the future: Frank Lowy is a big supporter
of Australian soccer. He really
enjoys it and is passionate about
it. What are his hobbies: Frank lowy's first occupation was
in a family business delivering small
goods. He then created the shopping
centre, Westfield and created that in Australia,
U.K and U.S.A. over the past 30 years. Frank Lowy then took down the role of head executive and handed it down to his sons. Occupations: Frank Lowy came to Australia
because he wanted to escape
the war in his country so he
could live a better life. Why did he come to Australia Frank Lowy was born
on the 22 of October
1930. Date of birth: Frank Lowy was one of four children. His father was beaten to death in 1944 at the Nazi concentration camp in Auschwitz while trying to get train tickets for the family so they could escape. In 1946 Frank Lowy made is way to France on a ship called Yagur, but was caught by the British and deported to a detention camp in Cyprus. He was later allowed to move out of the camp and he moved to Sde Ya'akov near Qiryat Tivon. Later on he was fighting during the Arab-Israeli War. In 1952, Lowy left Israel and decided to join his family in Australia. He started a small business delivering small goods. Life story In 1953, he met a Hungarian Immigrant named John Sauders and they became business partners creating the shopping centre Westfield. During this time Frank Lowy got married to his wife Shirley and had three sons. John Sauders left the business a little while later. Frank Lowy finally stood down the role and passed it down to two of his sons after he turned 80 in 2010. In 2010 he was rated the richest person in Australia at that time. By Molly and Georgia Life story (second half) Franks Family Refrences Education At the age of 13 Frank Lowy's schooling was interrupted by the Nazi occupation of Hungary. After migrating to Australia he did not complete his schooling, but is now successful in business. Conclusion What does he miss about
Fil'akovo, Czechoslovakia: Frank Lowy doesn't miss anything because as a child he did not have any friends and only thought about surviving. The only thing he missed was his mother when he was on a boat to Palestine. nd Frank Lowy has 2 brothers and one sister. His dads name is was Hugo Lowy and his mums name is llona. Frank Lowy got married to his wife Shirley and he had three sons, Peter, Steven and David. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Frank_Lowy http://www.kochie.com.au/some-great-australians-who-happened-to-be-refugees Information about Frank Lowy retreived on the 19 of September 2012 at: In conclusion Frank Lowy has given back to Australia, by creating a new and intresting shopping centre for us Australians to experience. Over all Frank is just an ordinary person with an unique talent. th
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