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Pedro Alonso Lopez

No description

Samantha Brophey

on 22 January 2014

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Transcript of Pedro Alonso Lopez

"Monster of the Andes"
Modus Operandi
"I lost my innocence at age eight, so I decided to do the same to as many young girls as I could."
"There is a wonderful moment, a divine moment when I have my hands around a young girl's throat."
"Someday, when I am released. I will feel that moment again. I will be happy to kill again. It is my mission."
Pedro Alonso Lopez
Serial Killer Caught
The Monster Released
He also confessed to killing an additional 240 in Peru and Columbia
Crime Begins
Crime started shortly after when he started stealing money and went back to the streets
The seventh of 13 children born to a Colombian prostitute
Kicked out by his mother at the age of 8 for doing sexual things with his sister
Became a beggar on the Colombian streets where he was raped by a pedophile
At the age of 12 he was molested by a male teacher at a school for orphans
His stealing advanced to car theft
Sent to prison at the age of 18 for car theft
While in prison he was gang-raped and received his first murder conviction by killing three of the four men who assaulted him
Lopez would troll village markets for selected targets with "a look of innocence and beauty" who looked like "a good girl, always working with her mother"
Lured the young girls away with promising them small gifts, but instead took them to secret hideaways with prepared graves
He never killed at night he would wait until sunrise to rape and strangle the girls
After killing the girls he would have "parties" by propping up three to four of them in a grave and talking with them as if they were alive
He would follow a girl for two to three days, waiting for the moment when she was alone
In 1978 he was released from prison for his car theft and began kidnapping/killing young Peruvian girls
In 1980 Pedro confessed to his killings and led authorities to the remains of 53 girls from the ages of 8 to 12
Lopez was sentenced to life in prison after being found guilty of killing 110 girls in Ecuador
However, Lopez was released sometime around 1999 with his whereabouts currently unknown
Isabel Cristina was one of 350 young girls murdered by the "Monster of the Andes." An Ecuadorian policeman is pointing to the spot where her body was found.
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