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Body Image Issues in Teenage Boys

No description

Emily Macdonald

on 15 May 2013

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Transcript of Body Image Issues in Teenage Boys

Body Image Issues in
Teenage Boys by: emily macdonald Introduction hypotheses questions teenage boys think their bodies should not be so skinny but should be strong and muscular

teenage boys do feel the same amount of pressure as teenage girls do to look a certain way where does the pressure come from?

when did the pressure start?

how do they cope with the pressure?

what do they feel pressured to look like? I surveyed 38 teenage boys between the ages of 14 and 18 as well as researched the topic via articles and scientific journals. Results from the survey... Chart 1

Chart 2 Media focuses on Teenage Boys more because... -they are becoming consumers - physical awareness of their bodies in relation to the bodies of others. future life prospects increased physical awareness is due to: hormones peer pressure “Unfortunately, over the past several years men have been experiencing the same pressures from the constant bombardment of images of the ideal male, yet the problem is not openly discussed. Also, men are not expected to care so much about their appearance and eating disorders carry a feminine stigma. Consequently, many males suffer in secret.” - Michael Feldman What is the "ideal" body for a man? "He is muscular, athletic, without body hair, trim to the point of being devoid of fat, his skin is flawless, and comes packaged neatly in a classic “V” shaped 190 cm frame." - Steven Gregor How are teenage boys obtaining this body? extreme dieting over-exercising drug abuse eating disorders How do the teenagers I interviewed deal with body image pressure? all 14 year olds ignore it
13 % - 15 year olds work out
46 % - 16 year olds work out
67 % - 17 year olds work out
all 18 year olds work out muscle dysmorphia? what is combination of over-exercising and dieting because those suffering have the... impending idea that their body is not muscular enough, worst cases are coupled with depression. Even though our society is becoming more accepting, there are still many men who suffer in silence. Of the men that receive treatment, they do not have the same success rate as women. Hopefully the stereotype will change and body image issues will no longer be a female mental complication. In conclusion, teenage boys share the same body image pressures as teenage girls teenage boys believe their bodies should be toned and muscular Sources http://jarrettdavid.wordpress.com/2012/08/31/men-have-body-issues-too/
Gregor, Steven. “The man behind the mask: male body image dissatisfaction” Australian Psychological Society. http://www.psychology.org.au/publications/inpsych/body_image/ (Accessed March 20, 2013)
Feldman, Michael. "Males & Body Image Issues." Eating Disorders Recovery Today. 5. no. 3 (2007).www.eatingdisordersreview.com/nl/nl_edt_5_3_2.html (accessed March 20, 2013)
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