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No description

Juliana Chervonko

on 18 October 2012

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Transcript of Polysemy

Polysemy How many linguists does it take to throw a party? Polysemy or Homonymy? She rested against the door.
Go through the door. The date is shown at the foot of the page.
Don’t wipe your feet in the carpet! Homonymy Homophones Homographs Metaphorical Polysemy The heat was making them tired
In the heat of the moment Nick threatened to quit Antagonism Bat Ambiguity CONTEXT MOTIVATED
POLYSEMY Lakoff Connection between senses No connection between senses However... Mary walked along the bank River Place in a city Bats can be dangerous if they carry rabies. Zeugma The farmers grew potatoes and bored.
She lost her coat and her temper.
He milked the cow and the situation. Competition of interpretations She can't bear children. Let's practise! Guess what's missing! Polysemy, polysemy everywhere!
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