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Erin Gruwell

How she changed society

Kasandra Yeomans

on 17 January 2013

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Transcript of Erin Gruwell

Erin Gruwell Early Life Woodrow Wilson High School Erin's Class The Day They Changed Her Life The Years She Changed Theirs The Making of the Diary Where Erin is Now How she changed Society Born in Newport Beach, California Graduated from Bonita High School Graduated from University of California Father was a Civil Rights Activist during
the civil rights movement When Erin started at Woodrow, they had
implemented the voluntary integration program The students were a low-performing class that was looked down upon by school administrators and teachers Right before Erin started her student teaching job the Rodney King riots happened, which caused extreme racial tensions. Her class was full of kids with extremely
hard lives At first students were difficult to teach They were extremely racist toward each
other Due to the fact they were looked down upon
by the school they didn't have the resources
to know alot about history. The picture drawn The anger they have toward each other When they asked what the Holocaust was They expressed their anger about whats happening in their life The books they read Meips Gies spoke to them Eva did what was right they took all of their diaries and
put them together Erin is now the co founder
of The Freedom Writers
Foundation She taught theses students
to love life and cherish it.
Taught them that there is
more to life than what race
you are the end (:
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