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Geothermal Energy

No description

Mia Mercurio

on 9 June 2015

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Transcript of Geothermal Energy

Geothermal Energy
What is Geothermal Energy?
It is heat from under the Earth's surface
Thermal Energy stored and generated under the Earth's surface
When was Geothermal energy invented?
Where is Geothermal Energy used and what for?
Top 10 Geothermal Energy Loctaions
10. Kenya
9. El Salvador
8. Japan
7. Iceland
6. New Zealand
5. Italy
4. Mexico
3. Indonesia
2. The Philippines
1. USA
How does Geothermal Energy Create Electricity
Many ways people can use Geothermal Energy to create electricity
It uses heat that creates steam and the steam helps power generators which create electricity

Larderello Fields
The Power station is in Italy
It was destroyed during World War II (but rebuilt)
1st Geothermal Power Station
Advantages and Disadvantages
No Greenhouse Gases produced
The energy source is free and will not run out
No consumption of fossil fuels (coal)
By Mia Mercurio
It was invented in 1904 by Piero Ginori Conti (But it was not the 1st use of Geothermal Energy)
American-Indians were the 1st to use Geothermal Energy
Not many places to build powerstaions
Harmful gases occasionally come up from the ground
No Greenhouse gases
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