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Dallas VS Baltimore

ASIANS ROCK!!! By: David Huynh and Bryan Palogan

Bryan Palogan

on 19 May 2010

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Transcript of Dallas VS Baltimore

DALLAS Dallas'
Environment Rivers Warm Prairies/Grassland Lakes Environment People Recreational Activities Immigration Jobs Dallas' Economy
Agriculture Manufacturing Services Oil & Gas Trade "BIG D" Environment Economy Crops Livestock Export/import Oil Jobs Dallas' Culture "Melting pot" Culture Environment Travel of.... ideas thoughts beliefs Art Music "Maryland." Encycopedia Americana. 2010. Grolier Online. 3 May. 2010. <http://ea.grolier.com/article?id=0262400-00>.

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"About Dallas County." Welcome to the City of Dallas, Texas. 2 Apr. 2009. 3 May. 2010. <http://www.dallascounty.org>.

Diverse Economy Stronger Economy Baltimore, Maryland Chesapeake Bay Baltimore's
Physical Environment Warm Summers The Piedmont Fertile Soil
Environment Economy Fishing Government Manufacturing Transportation Lumbering Jobs Seafood Import/Export Economy Culture Literary/Cultural
Fast Tempo of Work Low Birth Rates Environmental Sports Environment Immigration Multicultural Religion Sports Hospitality Human Equality Animal Bond Heavy European Influence Transportation To What Extent Does The Environment Influence Movement Social Interaction Dallas OR Baltimore You Decide... Work Cited Toursim
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