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ToK Presentation

Lookism- Chaeri & Leon

Chaeri Yoon

on 4 April 2013

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Transcript of ToK Presentation

instinctive behaviour
naturally inclinded to judge others
cognitive development theory & instantaneous learning theory Human Science
-Psychology Economics & Ethics Human sciences-Media
& Ethics society’s perception of beauty is manipulated

media distorts beauty into being the outer appearance

results in anorexia and eating disorders Economics & Ethics In the workplace:
‘better-looking’ people getting hired instead of those that are more intelligent
economy will ultimately suffer
lookism is unjustifiable Lookism By Chaeri & Leon Unjustified ToK presentation ME Sense perception Language Emotion Reason Natural Science Human Science History Mathematics Arts Ethics 1st Knowledge Issue:

To what extent is lookism justifiable in the AoK: Natural and Human sciences, History, and Ethics through all four WoK: reason, emotion, sense perception, language (and another added WoK) instinct? Real world examples "SLUT"

My sister's job interview LOOKISM Example: Dr. Judith Langlois's experiment WoK: sense perception & instinct >>natural and almost inevitable for humans to judge others by their appearances

Hence, justifiable in a psychological sense sense perception
instinct Beauty is a biological adaptation
beauty is governed by circuits in the brain called Cerebral Parietal Lobe
natural selection
evolutionary process Natural Science-Biology
Human Science-Psychology
History WoK: sense perception, reason & emotion >>Natural and Human sciences and History,

lookism>> requirement,

Hence, justifiable, if only to show ensure reproductive success and show natural traits of human characteristics. sense perception
emotion physiognomy
embedded in my history through language
subconsciously use sense perception to judge History WoK: sense perception, reason & language >>within AoK: History,
through WoK: sense perception, reason and language

lookism is justifiable
beyond our control sense perception
language Examples: Justified >>lookism is clearly unjustified:

forms false perception of beauty
creates problems in society. WoK: reasoning, sense perception, emotion WoK WoK AoK Conclusion Although we have decided that Lookism is overall unjustified, it is inevitable and will still continue to be present in our society. Bibliography http://khuram.wordpress.com/2007/03/18/lookism-our-tendency-to-discriminate-bad-looking-individuals/
http://arizona.openrepository.com/arizona/bitstream/10150/271618/1/azu_etd_mr_2012_0244_sip1_m.pdf Justifiable:
More beautiful=More money
= Boost in economy
improve overall economy of society Instinct
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