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Personal Learning Environment

No description

victoria babarinde

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of Personal Learning Environment

Personal Learning Environment VLE Google Library Lecture Slides Practise MCQ's Starting point to
making notes on subject. Allow you to practise questions and
enhance your understanding of the subject. Is where the resources needed to make your notes can be found.
Has a library catolgue to check where the books you need are and if they are available. The VLE provdes you with resources; books, journals and websites to use. The module handbook,
coursework deadlines and
past exam papers are available Quiet Study areas which you can use to make notes. Computer Clusters
where you can access
the internet. You're able to take out books
at any time You can access Medpedia to use as a
reference Can access your
faculties webpage
for updates on recent events or forthcoming speakers Can be used to find pictures to aid your understanding Announcements inform
you of any changes to lectures
or your course as a whole Can access some textbooks and journals online Can use your email to contact lecturers if you need help
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