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Babe Ruth Report

No description

Michael Hamaday

on 1 February 2018

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Transcript of Babe Ruth Report

Babe Ruth is Born!
Babe Ruth's childhood is actually not surprising. He was a bad kid. He would always get in trouble in school for not following directions, bullying, not doing homework, talking back to the teacher and more! He also hated school. That's not surprising either. Because he was always a bad boy, so why would he like it?!
Babe Ruth's childhood

Babe Ruth loved Baseball from the start. He would play it all the time when he had free time with his friends. He really never had time to play with his parents because they were always at work. But he would play with his friends! If they weren't doing their homework.
Babe Ruth's hobbies

When Babe Ruth was an adult he first played on the baseball team, The Red Sox! The thing is, they traded him away for a lot of money! "It was one of the worst decision ever made." Said baseball officials. When that trade was made, the Red Sox coach or the manager of the Red Sox, was probably really mad!
Babe Ruth's Baseball Team
Babe Ruth had a very hard life when he was little. Do you know why? Because his family was poor. They had to live in a row house! That's a town house. Which if you don't know what that is, then just ask Adam. He'll tell you all about it! Because he used to live in one! And he is always hiding from people.
Babe Ruth's life
When Babe Ruth first hit his homerun, it was just a start. Because later, he hit 713 more homeruns!
Babe Ruth's first Home Run!
Babe Ruth would always get strikes because h would always try to get a home run! Back in his time, he was one of the who were always getting strikes. In fact, he got almost more strikes then anyone! When I say almost, I mean a lot but not more then everyone!
Babe Ruth's baseball career
Well Babe Ruth got 714 home runs! That broke a record. And believe it or not, no one beat it yet! Which means like he was a very good baseball player!!
How many Home Runs did Babe Ruth Get?

Babe Ruth was born in the year of 1895. In the month of February 5. His birth place was Pigtown, Baltimore, MD.
Babe Ruth's children
Babe Ruth had 2 daughters named Julia Ruth Stevens and Dorothy Ruth. Here are some pictures of them...
Dorothy Ruth,
Julia Ruth Stevens....
Jack Hamaday
Babe Ruth Report
Babe Ruth's Wife
Babe Ruth's wife was named Claire Merritt Ruth. She only lived for about 20-30 years! Now you might be asking, WHAT HAPPENED TO HER!!! WEEELL, she died in a fire! Babe Ruth was not at the fire! So Babe Ruth did not die!
How long did Babe Ruth's kids live?
Babe Ruth's first child to die was Dorthony Ruth at the age of 68. Babe Ruth's other daughter died at the age of 100!!! The daughters name that lived to be 100 was Julia Ruth Stevens. She lived for a very long time! I think that both of them just died of old age. But they were both really rich and famous! The other good thing was they were nice and respectfull! You never find that with rich people! They all had there own mansions to! { I want a mansion to!}

Babe Ruth's retirement year!
Babe Ruth retired in the year 1946. The reason he wanted to retire is because he was old and getting weaker! So the team let the best baseball player of all time retire. They have remembered him to this day still! Which everyone does!
How much did Babe Ruth get Paid?
$80,000 is how much babe ruth got paid each week.
What Does This Person Remind you of?
Babe Ruth reminds me of my dad! Babe Ruth reminds me of my dad becuse my dad told me that when he was little, he was very good at baseball. He also said, "Kids would hate to have to hit my ball when I was pitcher, because I would throw at 40MPH per hour."
Why did you pick this person?
I picked Babe Ruth because I used to play baseball. Also, I told my dad about this report and he, said, " you should right about Babe Ruth." So I did. Also because I already knew a lot about him already, so I didn't really have to read anything.
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