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Universal Design for Learning

No description

Laura Burrows

on 19 February 2014

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Transcript of Universal Design for Learning

Universal Design for Learning
Provide Multiple Means of Representation
Provide options for perception
Provide Multiple Means of Action and Expression
Provide options for physical action
Provide Multiple Means of Engagement
Provide options for recruiting interests
Provide options for language, mathematical expression, and symbols
Provide options for comprehension
Provide options for expression and communication
Provide options for executive functioning
Provide options for sustaining effort and persistence
Provide options for self-regulation
Prezi presentation
PowerPoint presentation
Oral "lecture"
Use of manipulatives
Drawings/Symbols on the SmartBoard
Listening to textbook online
Graphic organizers
Use sign language where appropriate
Use of manipulatives to explain mathematical expressions
Dragon Speak
Add visuals to vocabulary / symbols to aid in understanding
Pre-concept conversations to see what students already know
Survey to access background knowledge
Research prior to supply with background knowledge
Highlighting tape
Having text on Smart Board and allowing students to *highlight* what's important
Graphic organizers
Apply to other subjects
Online quizzes, surveys, "assessments"
iPads in the classroom
Netbooks in the classroom
Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) classrooms
Using technology to complete projects
Teacher webpage
Classroom blog
Social media for school purposes
Online labs
Online math "games"
Dragon Speak
Inspiration as a graphic organizer/outline
Stagger activities - start with easier, travel up to harder
provide calendars for long-term projects
organizational skills
web-based organizers
study skills
binder organization
using graphs/charts
provide choice
activity lists
choice board
create positive learning environment
create safe learning environment
make learning relevant
create rubrics
activity lists
choice boards
group works
collaboration with other classes
use Skype to reach others
provide praise
provide immediate feedback
provide rubrics
talk with class about what the expectations should be
set goals with students
practice problem-based solutions
provide strategies and time to practice strategies
reflection journals
self-assessment rubrics
group-member grading rubrics
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