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The hulk

No description

Caitlin Zaner

on 14 September 2012

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Transcript of The hulk

The hulk, Caitlin Zaner, 1st hour The hulk The hulk was created by a blast of Gamma Radiation. He turns green
he goes from a person to a monster
grows extremely huge muscles in a matter of five seconds Weaknesses
Being calm
loosing his temper easy
destroying everything in site. demographics
His creator is Bruce banner
he's a male
went to Culver university
his girlfriend name is Elizabeth Ross Geographics
The hulk is a normal guy who lives in a house, until he gets mad. Psychographics
The hulk is a risk taker
he's not shy
people fear him
bad attitude when he is angry Similarities
Were both human
we both have tempers
I don't turn green
I can't lift everything in site
I don't grow huge when i'm mad Powers
Saves people, can destroy anyone and anything, if people are in trouble they rely on the hulk The end
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