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Jason and Golden Fleece

No description

jaquan mason

on 5 December 2012

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Transcript of Jason and Golden Fleece

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli By Ja'Qaun Mason Jason and the Golden Fleece Capturing his kingdom their lived a king named Aeson who ruled the land of lolcus
Aeson grew tired of ruling so he decided to past down his crown. Aeson's son Jason was to young to be king, so Aeson gave his crown to his half brother Pelias with the understanding that when jason became of the age to rule he would have to surrender the reins of government to him.
As years went by Pelias grew ever more secure of his power so he went to consult an oracle and he was given this strange answer, "Fear a man wearing only one sandal". The Voyage of the Argo The Voyage of the Argo countinued ...... Soon The Argonauts came to a country where there lived a seer named Phineus
Phineus had been punished for being cruel to his family
Phineus was blinded and sent to a land were two Monsters lived
These Monsters are called Harpies, and thier names are Storm-foot and Swift-foot.
These Harpie waited until a meal was spread before Phineus by invisible hands, and they would eat it all up.
Phineus lived in Perpetual hunger. Capturing the kingdom continued . . . . soon Jason grew strong and clever, and wanted to take his right as king
Jason came to a stream and lost one of his sandals as he tried to cross the stream.
soon Jason arrived to his uncles throne in the public square in the midst of revelers.
Jason spoke and showed the king his ruby red ring his father had given him as a sign of kingly authority.
Pelias started as he recognized the kings jewel, but his mind was more troubled as he glanced down and noticed tha Jason Wore only one sandal. Yet Pelias dissembled his fear and pretended to welcome Jason. Days and days went by but Pelias had no intentions of giving up the thrown. Finally Jason reminded him that he was entitled to be king threw inheritance. Pelias was silent as he thought of a way to get rid of Jason.
Finally Pelias gave Jason the task of receiving the Golden Fleece. The Golden Fleece The Golden Fleece was the skin of a Ram that Mercury had given to Queen Nephole to carry her two children, Phrixus and Helle , to safety when they were being threatened with death. Queen Nephole put her children on this and the Ram magically took off in the air. as they flew over the strait of Europe and Asia Helle lost his hold and fell of of the Golden Fleece. The stream used to be called the Hellespont, but today is called the Dardanelles. the boy soon sacrificed the Fleece to Jupiter, and he gave it to a king who placed it in a sacred grove guarded by a the sleepless dragon. Jason with eager joy began to start is great adventure. he hired Argus to builder a great ship know as the "Argo".
Jason Then invited the Heroes of Greece
These heroes include Pollux, Hercules, Hylas and Orhpeus
it is said that in the region of the Balk sea the crew lost Hercules and Hylas.
Soon they arrived to a country in which the king took Cruel delight in his great skill in boxing.
He made it a condition of his hospitality that every stranger that came to his land must Box with him.
Pollux was a skilled boxer and decided that he would fight the king.
In a short amount of time Pollux had defeated the king.
The kings Royal subjects were mad so they attacked The Argonauts, who had slayed many of them befor they could get back to there ship. The Voyage of the Argo continued....... Phineus promised the Argonauts that he would give them good advice they would need on thier voyage if only the would free him from the harpies.
Zetes and Calaes agreed to help him only if he swore kindness on his kin.
Phineus swore most solemnly.
Zetes and Calaes waited until the Harpies returned and attacked Zetes and Calaes them in the air and scared them away forever.
Phineus told them they would soon come to dangerous rocks called sympledgades or the clashing islands.
He told them how to get threw the rocks with out getting crushed and he also advised them on other stuff.
in Half a day they came to the rocks.
They were old to let a dove go threw and when the rocks rebound then they were supposed to go threw.
The Argonauts did as they were told and the rocks never closed again. The Winning of the Golden Fleece. Not long after This event The Argo reached Colchis.
Jason demanded that he be taken to King AEetes.
The monarch welcomed him and asked him to why did he come to Colchis.
Jason told them he has come for the Golden Fleece. He explained why he must have the Golden Fleece to King AEetes.
The King had no intentions of giving Jason the Golden Fleece so he gave Jason an task that was impossible.
Jasons task was to harness the two bulls in which Mars Kept in his temple.
Then he was to sow the dragons teeth. The winning of the Golden Fleece continued..... Jason agreed to do the two tasks knowing in his heart that deadly danger probably accompanied both.
That night a slim maiden in veil appeared
For a moment Jason thought the women was Minerva, but the maiden reveled her self as Medea, the daughter of king AEetes.
Medea told Jason she would help him complete the task her father had given him.
Jason accepted to her help with the exception that when they got the Golden Fleece she would escape with him to Lolcus and they would get married.
Medea agreed to Jasons Proposal. The Winning of the Golden Fleece continued....... On the first task Medea gave Jason some magic ointment that would keep him safe from all harm.
She also told Jason what he must do to avoid the peril of the dragons teeth.
The next day Jason put the ointment on himself and went and harnessed the terrifying bulls.
Then he got the dragons teeth from the king and walking up and down sowed them in the furrows he made.
in a short amount of time fifty men sprang from the ground.
Jason then dropped a stone on top of the biggest warriors head. before a word could be said the warrior charged at his neighbor.
Eager for combat all the others took side and began fighting each other.
But Jason, Wherever he saw his opportunity, plunged into combat.
The king saw that Jason had avoided the deadly trap the king had planned for him. but he resolved that rather than see jason secur the Golden Fleece he would kill him and his followers.
Medea guessed what was in her fathers mind and she had already made plans for it. The Winning of the Golden Fleece continued........ At the the dead of the night Jason and Medea went to the sacred grove where the Golden Fleece hung on a tree.
Underneath the tree slept the Formidable dragon.
As they approached the tree the dragon awoke to the sound of footsteps
The dragons ferocious head thrust forward with gaping rows of fangs.
But when the dragon heard Medea's soothing voice he became fiercely attentive.
Medea fed the dragon some food mixed with sleeping potion which immediately put him to sleep
Jason and Medea quickly fled back to the ship and escaped back to Lolcus
When Jason returned to Lolcus he presented the Golden Fleece to Pelias.
Pelias still refused to give him the thrown and instead asked Medea to make a magic Potion tha would make Jasons Father young again
She pretended to agree and instead gave Pelias Poison
Pelias then died.
Jason offered the argo up to Neptune as a sacrifice and hung the Golden Fleece in the temple of Minerva.
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