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Chapter 23 Section 3

Division and Democracy in France

R Kay

on 22 February 2014

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Transcript of Chapter 23 Section 3

Division and Democracy in France
Who was Napoleon III?
NapoleonIII was the nephew of Napoleon Bonaparte. He rose to power and set up the second empire, but he would bring neither glory nor an empire to France. He ruled like a dictator with the power to appoint his cabinet and many officials.
What was the third Republic?
The Third Republic was the end of the second empire of France which set up a provisional, or temporary government, that evolved in France's Third Republic. This new republic had had a two-house legislature, the pinier (the prime minister) and the coalitions.
Problems Internationaly
France's international relations with Mexico and the U.S. was a failure. Mexican patriots resisted fiercely, and the United States protested. The Prussian Leader Otto von Bismark shrewdly manipulated Napoleon into war in 1870. Napoleon's worst failuers were in foreign affairs.
What was Deyfus acussed of and where was he sent?
Dreyfus was acused of spying for Germany. How ever, at his trial, neither Dreyfus nor his lawyer was allowed to see the evidence against him. He was imprisoned in Devil's Island, and isolated penal colony off the coast of South America.
Nepolean III:
The first President of the French Republic. He was the second ruler of the Second French Empire. He was also last monrch of France.

Temporary alliance of variouns political parties

Suez Canal:
Canal completed around 1867 linking the Mediterranean Sea to Red Sea and the Indian Ocean

Dreyfus affair:
A political scandal that caused deep divisons in France between royalists and librals and republicans centered on the 1894 wrongfully coviction of Alfred Dreyfus, a Jewish officer in the French army.
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