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Finding Area

This is a Prezi about finding the area of shapes. Square, rectangle, triangle, parallelogram, and multiple shapes together.

Jill Elberson

on 4 December 2015

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Transcript of Finding Area

6.G.1 Find the area of right
triangles, other triangles, special
quadrilaterals, and polygons by
composing into rectangles or
decomposing into triangles and other
shapes; apply these techniques in the
context of solving real-world and
mathematical problems.

Finding Area
Estimating and Finding Area
What is area?
Make sure that your units are always squared when you write the area
A = 4 x 4
A = 16 ft
Area equals Length times Width
A = L x W
Area equals base times the height
A = B x H
Real-life Connection
Mr. Z wants to get rid of the carpet in his classroom and put down tiles instead. The tiles at Home Depot are one foot by one foot squares. He measured his classroom and found out the room is 16 feet by 10 feet.
Area of Irregular Shapes
Break the shape up into squares, rectangles, and triangles. Then find the area of each piece and add them all up.
Finding Area
Jill Elberson
Area is the space that covers a shape
Area equals Length times Width
A = L x W
A = 55 in
A = 11 x 5
5 in
11 in
A = 4 x 10
A = 1/2 B x H
A = 40 cm
A = 1/2 x 8 x 10
8 cm
10 cm
Area = 1/2 Base x Height
Area equals One half of the base times the height
A = L x W
Be Careful! The height is NOT the same thing as the side!!
5 m
7 m
7 m
9 m
A = 5 x 9
A = 45 m
9 m
16 ft.
10 ft.
How many tiles will it take to cover the floor?
A = L x W
A = 10 x 16
A = 160
How do I find the area of a weird shape?
Area = 77 + 55 + 18
Area = 150 ft
Area of green space = 240 – 120 = 120 in2
Area of triangle = 1/2 x 20 x 12 = 120 in2
Area of whole rectangle = 12 x 20 = 240 in2
What is the area of the green space?
12 in
20 in
Area = (5 x 30) + (10 x 8)
Area = 230 ft2
5 ft
15 ft
7 ft
30 ft
10 ft
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