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Beowulf Theme Project

No description

matt merback

on 3 October 2016

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Transcript of Beowulf Theme Project

"They have seen my strength for themselves, Have watched me rise from the darkness of war, Dripping with my enemies’ blood. I drove Five great giants into chains, chased All of that race from the earth. I swam In the blackness of night, hunting monsters Out of the ocean, and killing them one" (Raffel 46)

Beowulf is concerned with how the world views him and will view him when he dies. He cites his achievements to gain respect from the other soldiers.
Moors- broad, open regions with patches of bog
Shrouds- cloth in which dead bodies are rapped with
sinews- the tendons that connect muscles to bones
Written Justification
I supplied textual evidence for my two themes
I did correct MLA formatting
I did a prezi to represent the two themes of beowulf, with formal grammar

Revenge is Powerful
"And in an instant she had him down, held helpless. Squatting with her weight on his stomach, she drew A dagger, brown with dried blood, and prepared
To avenge her only son. But he was stretched On his back, and her stabbing blade was blunted" (Raffel 59)
Although Grendel's mother is killed, she succeeded at avenging her son's death. She was fueled by revenge and anger. Revenge can be powerful.
Beowulf Theme Project
Matt Merback

Figurative Language
"From that happy pilgrimage, mounted their hard-hooved Horses, high-spirited stallions, and rode them
Slowly toward Herot again" (Raffel 54)

"The high hall rang, its roof boards swayed, And Danes shook with terror. Down
The aisles the battle swept, angry
And wild" (Raffel 52)
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