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Copy of User Guide - Getting Started (Students)

How to sign-in to Unifrog using a form code

rachel romain

on 9 November 2014

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Transcript of Copy of User Guide - Getting Started (Students)

Sign in
Unifrog for Students
Getting Started

Sign in

By the end of the session you will have:
Understood how to sign up to Unifrog
Explored the benefits of Unifrog
Understood the expectations of using Unifrog
Learning Objectives
Go to: www.unifrog.org/code
1. Go to www.unifrog.org/code
2. Your sign up code is the name of your form, the name of your school and the year you leave. e.g. SouthhamptonCrest16
3. Please fill in the rest of your information, you will then be emailed your username and password

Go to this page and input the course you are on. (If you are only Level 3, only input A level in qualification 1)

Using the guides to help you, input the points you are aiming for!
Get to this page with the subject of your choice!
This is your long list. It separates the courses so you can aim high!
Once you have got to this screen you will receive an email summing up your results.
Use these arrows
to customise your search.
What are the benefits of Unifrog?
Discuss as a form!
Allows you to apply more specific searches
Allows you to find courses which match your predicted grades efficiently
Allows you to find the range of courses available
Allows your form tutor to keep up to date with your progress.
Are there any more benefits?
What next?
You can use the tool as many times as you like
There will be a prize at at the end of each term for the 2 people who have used the tool the most!
Get Unifrogging!
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