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Simulation Center Tour

No description

Blake Kyzer

on 13 July 2011

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Transcript of Simulation Center Tour

Medical Simulation
The REAL Deal WHY simulation is used for healthcare training!
WHAT are the measurable criteria for proving superiority of simulated exercises in emergency care!
HOW Palmetto Health provides simulation!
WHAT are our future goals for the Simulation Center! “What are we gonna hear about today?” Which do you think is the most dangerous? See 1, Do 1, Teach 1
Low Fault Tolerance
Irregular Feedback
Subjective Assessment
Experience by Change The Old Model The New Model Criteria Based
Permission to Fail
Immediate Feedback
Objective Assessment
Library of Content sim·u·la·tion
[sim-yuh-ley-shuhn] Application of the APPROPRIATE simulation technology to reproduce an aspect of patient care as a means of meeting an educational goal A new standard of education & assessment for practitioners of all levels & all specialties Ultimately, it is a patient safety initiative How Do We Do It? Cognitive Psychomotor Affective Task Trainers Standardized Patients Computer 'Microsims' Virtual Reality High Fidelity Patient Simulators Simulation has become the 'Gold Standard' because
it is active learning that is: Focused Measurable Reproducible Standardized Proven 5, 500 sq. ft 2 Classrooms 6 Simulation rooms Video recording & playback capabilities Adult, pediatric, obstetrics & neonate Task Trainers Mobile capability Facilitation - the importance of how you
interact with students Invitational Experiential Coaching Positive Reinforcement Debrief Debrief Debrief Debrief ACLS PALS Emergency Medical Management Procedure Skills Training Activities of Interest To become a nationally
recognized center of excellence
in medical simulation 34, 000 deaths / year 250,000 deaths / year 22 deaths / year 68 deaths / year Let's Take a Tour!
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