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My American Experience!

No description

Ivan Chesnokov

on 23 September 2014

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Transcript of My American Experience!

My American Experience!
Made by Ivan Chesnokov
Before we start!
In the beginning...
Here we go!
13 stripes
50 stars
I. New Hampshire!
Before the trip...
1. MI. Day 1
2. CO. Pre-Department Orientation.
3. MD. Packing!
4. AK. Goodbyes...
II. New York!
5. WI. Meeting in Moscow.
6.HI. Excitement!
7. AL. Flight!
8. WY. First impressions...
III. Pennsylvania
9. OR. Curriculum.
10. DE. Teachers.
11. NC. Classes.
12. KY. Students!
IV. Massachusetts
Host Family!
13. AZ. Brandon.
14. NY. American Mom.
15. TN. Christin.
16. AR. Nana, Poppops, and the others...
V. Rhode Island.
17. CA. Aley Bedair.
18. UT. Kody and Allison.
19. Erik Rojas and Co.
20. NM. Others.
VI. Connecticut.
21. MS. Dallas.
22. NJ. Austin.
23. CT. Houston.
24. LA. Shreveport and the others...
VII. New Jersey.
25. MN. Class and people there.
26. WV. Mr. Justice.
27. PA. Stage.
28. MA. Activities.
VII. Delaware.
29. OH. Fast Food.
30. VT. Restaurants.
31. NH. Eating habits.
32. TX. Mexican Food.
IX. Maryland.
33. RI. Morning After
34. KS. Presents.
35.MO. Celebration!
X. Virginia.
36. FL. To Orlando!
37. IA. Graduation.
38. VA. Epcot & Animal Kingdom.
39. ID. Magic kingdom & Hollywood Studious
XI. North Carolina.
40. SC. Community.
41. GA. Easter.
42. NV. Traditions.
XII. South Carolina.
43. SD. Racial diversity.
44. IN. Friendship and Relationships.
45. OK. Habits and interests.
46. MT. Thoughts about me.
XIII. Georgia.
Going home.
47. ND. Packing...again
48. IL. Leaving everybody.
49. WA. Washington!
50. NE. Meeting Russia!
I'm here!
P.S: Puppy time!
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