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İbrahim Ethem Akinci Secondary School

No description

nurhayat kocaşahan

on 27 November 2013

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Transcript of İbrahim Ethem Akinci Secondary School

İbrahim Ethem Akinci Secondary School
Our School
There are 253 students in our school.
We have a large garden.
There is a conference hall in the garden.
There is a playground and a football ground in our school.
Where are we?
Sindirgi is a small town.
It is in the west of Turkey.
Sindirgi is famous for its Yagcibedir Carpets.
They are naturally dyed and handmade.
Their motifs are unique and original.
The town is also famous for its nature.
There are hot springs and thermal SPA hotels in town.
Town is surrounded by pine forests.
People live on livestock and farming.
The Conference Hall
The Playground
Inside the school
Our teachers in the teachers' room
While playing football
School Routines
The first lesson starts at 9 am.
A lesson takes 40 minutes.
We attend 6 lessons a day.
We have to wear school uniforms.
We attend Maths, Turkish Literature, English, Social Sciences, Music, Arts, Sports, Religion & Ethics, ICT and Science courses at school.
There are social clubs.
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