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Networking for College Students

In this workshop we will cover ways to reach out to people, balancing your search with social activities, how to find the best events, and the art of networking.

Andre Abi Awad

on 15 June 2015

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Transcript of Networking for College Students

Andre Abi Awad
Networking for College Students
Are you entering the right room?
Does the event, party, members' club, society or other thing you are attending have the people you want to meet?
Who are your Big Fish?
Potential Friends
Potential Recruiters
Potential Colleagues
Potential Recommenders
Career Contacts
If not, then find the room which does!

And get invited...
If you're not on the list...
Get hold of the guest list
Who do you want to speak to?
What do you know about them?
Quick Tip: Use the Social Media to learn what your networking leads are up to. It's FREE! And unlimited!
Why network?
Networking is a tool which can help achieve GREAT things.
What is your ultimate GOAL?
Whatever it is, it is NOT your networking goal...
You are at a networking event, not a recruiting event. not a sales pitch.
Your networking goal is simple:

To meet for coffee with a networking lead, on a subsequent date.
Who are your "big fish" or networking leads?
Know who you want to meet and set yourself goals for the event.
"I'm going to speak to 6 strangers, and establish if they are one of my networking leads or not. If they are I'm going to arrange a meeting with them."
Now you are ready to interact
Starting Conversations
Know what to say?
"Hello my name is..."
Talk about them
Talk about you
"Which contacts would be useful to you?"
"It was a pleasure speaking to you..."
"If I meet... I'll be sure to introduce you."
"Would you like to meet for discussing more about how I may help you, perhaps I could take your business card."
Always think: How can I help this person?
Entering Groups
Look for:
"Hello my name is..."
Open Groups
"May I listen in?"
"May I join the conversation?
The Perfect Handshake
Stay clear of:
Wet fish handshakes
Knuckle cruncher
Finger squeeze
Two-handed/Politician Handshake
Your right hand is free
Rise if seated
Use plenty of eye contact
Open wide the space between thumb and index finger
Ensure contact between palms
Shake from the elbow, not the wrist
The Close
Keep your promises
You've arranged to call at a certain time. So make sure you do.
Dear Mr./Ms. ...

My name is...
We met at...
We agreed I would call you today to arrange a meeting. When is your good time to talk?
How would next Tuesday or Wednesday work for you?
I look forward to meeting you again.
At the meeting, always think: How can I help this person.
Maintain your contacts
Keep in regular contact by email, phone, meetings or letters
Send "Thank you" notes within 48 hours
Congratulate them on key achievements
Keep thinking: How can I help this person
There is a lot of
Networking Opportunities
Under the SUN!!!
using as few words as possible
so that it can be understood by anyone
by explaining the problem and the solution
explains why you are qualified
doesn’t go into too much detail
being specific and tangible
by having each variation deliver the same basic message
by addressing the specific concerns and concerns of the audience
Andre Abi Awad
Get on their Radar
interview them
Company Newsletter
Always have a Business Card:
- Full Name
- Email
- Mobile phone

- About.me
- Linkedin Profile
- Blog
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