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Seungwoo Lee

on 7 November 2013

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Poem Comparison
By Seungwoo Lee
The two poem that I am going to be comparing is...
Electronic Brain and My computer ate my homework
Preview of Both poem
My computer ate my homework.
Yes, it's troublesome, but true.
Though it didn't gnaw or nibble
and it didn't chomp or chew.

It digested it completely.
It consumed my homework whole,
when I pressed the Shift and Enter keys
instead of Shift-Control.

It devoured my hours of typing,
every picture, chart and graph,
and it left me most unsettled
when I thought I heard it laugh.

I would guess it was a virus,
or it could have been a worm,
that deleted every bit
but didn't prompt me to confirm.

I suppose I might have pressed Escape
instead of pressing Save,
but, regardless, my computer
now will never misbehave.

For I found a good solution
and I smiled to hear the crash,
when I chucked it out the window
and it landed in the trash.
My Computer ate my Homework By Kenn Nesbitt
Electronic Brain by Norman Silver
I am an intelligent machine
I read computer weekly magazine
My ancestors were robotic,
their procedures idiotic
with not much going on behind the screen.

I am an intelligent machine:
everything I say is really mean.
My dictionary’s extensive,
my grammar’s comprehensive,
I’m never flummoxed by the unforeseen.

I am an intelligent machine
my program lets me vary my routine
I think it’s prejudicial
to call me artificial
I can tell you who I am and where we’ve been.

I am an intelligent machine
my processors are bug free and serene.
I have friendly interfaces,
gigantic databases………
Oops! FATAL error:memory wiped clean

Both Poems have a similar theme, a theme of
Computers. However the mood between both poems are different. As the poem My computer ate my homework has a sad mood but the other poem doesn't really have a mood
I personally like the poem Electronic brain because of its choice of words as if the poet was really a computer
Thank you for watching!

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