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Project Centric

No description

Martin Day

on 27 September 2012

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Transcript of Project Centric

Procurement Project Manager Planning Manager Contract Manager Cost Manager this is a small New Project Areen Board Project Steering Group Project Management Office New Project Executive Team Senior Project Managers Administration Planner Executive Reporting Client Liaison Project Manager Design Project Manager Project Document Controller Third-Party Coordination Manager Others To bridge the gap between design and delivery To deliver the design in accordance with the brief Develop an environment to achieve the design and delivery goals To co-ordinate multi-discipline teams, internal and external To deliver all necessary approvals To agree and adhere to a design programme To deliver the design within the set and agreed budget To manage the design resource requirements To manage the design to reduce cost by optimal material selection To chair design review meetings To chair design progress meetings To prepare reports as necessary for the Project Manager Liaise with the project's Cost Manager to enable periodic cost updates Prepare overall cost plan Verify all cost information from Accounts, Procurement, Design & Others Verify VOWD Prepare valuations Co-ordinate all cost reports Analyse cost reports v cost plan Advise on management of costs to beat cost plan To ensure Areen Design are protected under the project engagement documentation To ensure contracts are correctly signed and all complete To advise on the form of content and necessary amendment for sub-contract agreements/contracts To advise procurement & design on format & content of contract for tender To liaise with Areen Design legal advisors as necessary to ensure all contracts protect Areen Design as far as it is reasonably practicable Prepare overall project programme Co-ordinate Procurement & Design programme Prepare Programmes for tender packages Prepare short/medium and long term programmes as required Resource programmes as required Report progress v programme for design/procurement/construction Liaise with contractors programme managers to access onsite progress Interrogate contractors' programmes to mitigate delays/claims Look for initiative methods of delivery to improve progress Prepare Reports for Project Manager To manage procurement and contracts to deliver the brief Set the procurement strategy Determine the quantity of all materials required under the project Set process and procedures to procure material & contractors in accordance with project requirements Co-ordinate all tender processes and tender returns Prepare tender analysis for selection Prepare cost plan for the project and deliver within budget Prepare procurement programme and report against it Liaise with design at formal co-ordination meetings to ensure progress is inline with programme Liaise with design to ensure optimum material selection for the project To chair progress meetings Prepare reports to Project Manager Liaise with cost manager to enable periodic cost updates Manage all drawing and documents on the project Create and maintain the project's master drawing register Ensure that any new revisions of drawings and documents are transmitted to the relevant recipients in a timely manner Register internal and external documents
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