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Chapter 8: Maintaining Appropriate Student Behavior

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SCED Block 2

on 17 September 2013

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Transcript of Chapter 8: Maintaining Appropriate Student Behavior

Chapter 8: Maintaining Appropriate Student Behavior
Chapter 8: Maintaining Appropriate Student Behavior
Objective: Students will participate in class discussion and activities, that lead towards understanding how to maintain appropriate student behavior in the classroom.
Monitoring Student Behavior
Two things to look for:
Student Involvement in Learning Activities
Sit, Stand, or Move Around
Don't "Chase" Hands
Don't spend too much time at ONE student's desk
Start assignments as group work
Student Compliance
Students understand classroom rules and procedures
Classroom rules and procedures are always followed
Building a Positive Climate
Managing Inappropriate Behavior
Eye Contact and Non-verbal cues
Clarification of procedural expectations
Refocus attention on task
Direct reprimand
Incentives and Rewards
There are two types of rewards:
Grades or Other Symbols
Extra Credit
Are grades extrinsic or intrinsic?
Feedback on work
Parent conferences
Is recognition extrinsic or intrinsic?
Activities as Rewards
Extra computer time
Library passes
Are activities extrinsic or intrinsic?
It should be noted that rewards may be for a whole class or a particular student
Material Incentives
Caution: Candy!
Many states and school districts have strict policies about candy in schools.
According to state law no food is allowed to be given away as a reward or otherwise except at meals in Elementary schools.
Are material rewards extrinsic or intrinsic?
As teachers we need to have a positive perspective on our classes
Poor performance should not be ignored but students need specific feedback on how to improve.
You can communicate your expectations in a variety of ways
Identify your instructional goals and discuss them with students.
Insist that students complete their work satisfactorily and refuse to accept poor work.
Communicate acceptance of imperfect initial performance when students struggle to achieve new learning.
Convey confidence in the students' ability to do well
Display an encouraging "can do" attitude
Avoid comparative evaluations, especially in lower ability students
Private Praise.
Be Consistent
Retain Expectations
Expectations apply to every student on all occasions
Be consistent even when it is inconvenient
Reasons for Inconsistency
Ways to be consistent
Hard to maintain rules and procedures
Teacher fails to monitor students
Teacher does not feel strongly enough to enforce rules or procedures
Three alternatives
reteach procedures
Learning is paramount, therefore, any disciplinary actions taken should be as unobtrusive as possible.
Let's Wrap it Up
Think back to that inappropriate student
Have your answers changed from the worksheet earlier?

Please take a look at the worksheet, and fill it out to the best of your abilities
If you have any questions please raise your hand
Bell ringer
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