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Mapping of the Chrysalids

No description

Sarah Angus

on 18 November 2013

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Transcript of Mapping of the Chrysalids

Mapping of The Chrysalids
It is a Christian civilization which arose in North America centuries after a nuclear holocaust (also known as "Tribulation"). Labrador society is at a technological level roughly comparable to the 18th-Century America- since there are sailing ships, firearms, but no heavy industry. Rigo is the capital of Labrador which is not too far from Waknuk, (also known as Rigolet in the real world). The island of Newf is also civilized but knowledge of the rest of the world is vague. The inhabitants of Newf and Labrador appear to be normal humans who have taken upon themselves the pre-Tribulation phenotype; they believe it is their sacred mission to preserve this form, and any other species decreed by God, against mutations that have come since Tribulation.
The Fringes
The mutation filled land beyond Wild Country. This area apparently has suffered heavier radioactive contamination than the rest of Labrador, being closer to the original bombings. It is a lawless land and subject to uncontrolled Mutation. This is where the people who are born mutants are exiled to fend for their lives. The people of the Fringes are subjected to folk tales and cautionary children's stories.
"Sealand" New Zealand
New Zealand at the time was isolated enough to escape the holocaust, in which they turned into an advanced industrial civilization. Telepathy has become universal among the population, they; for the longest time were unaware of Labrador's existence until one of their strongest telepaths are able to come in contact with Petra Strorm. They letter "Z" was forgotten in Zealand, causing David and Rosalind to mispronounce the name.
Black Coasts
In the novel the Black Coasts are situated in the center of the Badlands, where past nuclear detonations occurred. The ground is fused into black glass, where nothing grows and even the water is sterile. Even close approach by ship leads to illness or death. In the distance you can also faintly see city ruins.
In the book
In today's society
Waknuk is David's hometown, and it is also the name of Joseph Strorm's (David's father) farm. It is a small town centered around agriculture, and is part of the larger theocracy of Labrador. In the book, the town is right next to the town of Kentak. On a map, Waknuk is actually the town of Wabush in south-western Labrador, next to Labrador City.
Wild Country
Wild Country is in frontier lands, and is south and south-west of Waknuk. It is where the chance of breeding true is still less than 50%. Offenses among crops and animals are sometimes tolerated here.
The Badlands are outside of the Fringes. They are seriously radioactive, and many believe that if you set foot in there you will die. Some sailors that have traveled up the coast there have said that there are masses of mutations there. They say that the grasses there are the size of trees, and that unmentionable creatures live there. The people of Labrador believe that the entire world is badlands, even though people have seen other populated places further south.
By: Sarah Angus, Maddie Sanders
& Bethany Harrison
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