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Building Trust in the Workplace

No description


on 11 March 2014

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Transcript of Building Trust in the Workplace

How Trust Works Think about someone you trust. In all likelihood that person trusts you too. You’ve probably: How Trust Works Think about someone you DON’T trust. Did that person: Trust in the Workplace Why is it important? Building Trust in the Workplace What's It All About? Christina Dickerson
Cieraca Rhodes
Become aware of your important role in building trust in your organization.
Learn how to recognize and avoid actions that commonly damage trust.
Learn techniques for building trust with your coworkers, team, customers, leaders, and others. Objectives In this session you will: Known each other a long time
Survived good and bad times together
Worked at treating each other in ways that build trust. -Break a promise?
-Tell a lie?
-Take credit for your ideas?
-Pass on confidential information? The Cycle of Mistrust Where does it all begin? Why you can't be trusted? Why the cycle continues? Harmful
YOU were wrong first You're at Fault No, You're at Fault Sound Familiar? NO one takes the initiative to rectify the issue Prevents mistakes and errors
Increases productivity
Increases efficiency
Higher morale Trust Traps An action that prevents others from trusting you Making Assumptions Breaking Promises Covering Yourself Spreading Rumors Bypassing People Can you identify the potential trust trap(s)? Making assumptions.
Breaking promises. Can you identify the potential trust trap(s)? Breaking promises.
Covering yourself. Can you identify the potential trust trap(s)?
Spreading rumors. Can you identify the potential trust trap(s)? Making assumptions.
Bypassing people. What's the best way to avoid these trust traps? How to Build Trust: Key Principles Maintain or Enhance Self-Esteem Listen and Respond with Empathy Ask for Help and Encourage Involvement Share Thoughts, Feelings, and Rationale Provide Support Without Removing Responsibility to build ownership Trust Techniques: A SMARTer Way to Work Share thoughts, feelings, and rationale. Make commitments you can keep. Admit mistakes.
Request and accept feedback. Test assumptions. Trust is damaged when... Make Assumptions Break Promises Cover yourself Spread Rumors Bypass people Builds Trust Share thoughts, feelings and rationale Test Assumptions Make Commitments you can keep Request and accept feedback Admit Mistakes References: Development Dimensions International, Inc., MCMXCVIII. Revised MMV. Building Trust. Techniques for High Performance. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Trust In Me Etta James Mp3 Download:
http://mp3skull.com/mp3/trust_in_me_etta_james.html Thank You!!!
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