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Wonder By: R.J. Palacio- Technology Presentation

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sumi verma

on 15 November 2013

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Transcript of Wonder By: R.J. Palacio- Technology Presentation

Technology Presentation- By Sumi Verma
I think the protagonist would be
(August) because he is the main character, we sympathize with him the most.

I think that the antagonist of this story would be Julian, because he is the "bad guy". He bullies August(the main character) and tells other people that touching Auggie will make you have the "plague"
I think that Auggie 's conflict might be person v.s. Society (external) because people look at him differently and think that he is weird because of the way he looks. But to his family and himself, Auggie is perfectly ordinary with an extraordinary face. The conflict lies within the society that thinks of him differently.
This story takes place in a few places:
Beecher Prep Elementary, is Auggie 's school.
Auggie 's house
Via 's high- school (in Via 's POV)
August (Auggie) Pullman is an ordinary kid with an extraordinary face. He has a rare condition called Treacher-Collins syndrome. Because of August 's surgeries, he has been home schooled, but starts school in 5th grade because of his parents, who asked him multiple times till he gave in. He gets a tour of Beecher Prep from 3 students: Charlotte Cody, Jack Will, and Julian Albans. He soon befriends Jack and avoids Julian, who is a bully. August also makes a friend Summer Dawson. Beecher Prep has a Halloween costume party and August dresses up as the Bleeding Scream (nobody recognizes him) so he hears his best friend Jack telling Julian that the only reason that he even hangs out with August is because the principal has told him to. Hurt, August flees to the bathroom and fakes that he is sick, at home he tells his sister that he want' s to quit school, but she insists that he has come this far and should finish. Convinced, August goes back to school and ignores Jack. Jack realizes this and asks Summer why he is doing this, Summer feels bad for him and gives him the hint: "Bloody Scream". Jack apologizes to August, and proves this by knocking one of Julian' s baby teeth out when he offends August. Then Jack and August start to get bullied by Julian. August goes to an overnight field trip where he gets bullied by some other kids, but his peers stand up for him. August 's fog( Daisy) soon dies. Then, at the end of the year, Mr. Tushman gives a speech about somebody who has accomplished something great, then reveals that person is August. He notices his mom sort- of hanging back, when he asks her what is wrong the says ""You truly are a wonder." and ends the book
Wonder By: R.J Palacio
Other Characters in the story:
Jack Will, Auggie 's best friend in the story.
Summer Dawson, another friend of Auggie 's.
Julian Albans, (The antagonist) bullies August and Jack Will.
Olivia (Via) Pullman, Auggie 's sister that always stands up for him.
Miranda, Via 's former best friend. Auggie loves her.
Justin, Via 's boyfriend
Nate Pullman, Auggie 's dad, who always makes him laugh and is the first to suggest sending Auggie to school.
Isabel Pullman, Auggie 's mom, who loves him and believes he is capable of great things.
Mr. Tushman, Auggie 's principal at Beecher Prep.
Star Rating and Recommendations
Out of 5 stars, I would rate this book 5. I think it was very inspiring, and sort- of sad too. I got a little mad in a couple of scenes because Auggie would be judged about the way he looked. Overall, this book taught me a bit about acceptance, appearance, and bullying.

I would recommend this book to anyone, pretty much, especially if you are in Middle school. This can teach you to "choose kindness" (author's words- not mine) and not only to be nice, to reach out. This book can teach you that it doesn't matter what you look like.
There is nobody i would
recommend it to, its a really touching story.
R.J. Palacio (Author of Wonder) with a girl that has the same condition as Auggie
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