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Explore Speaks


Darrin Rich

on 30 July 2009

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Transcript of Explore Speaks

EXPLORE FASHIONS Explore Speaks! Explore Fashions Mission Exploring FeFe Become A Socialite Why EF will Succeed Why We Love Fashion Impact of Fashion in the 21st Century The Roles of Fashion Expression through Fashion Fashion Time Line The Fashion BIZ- break down by industry Different Occupations within Fashion Networking To become a leader in the fashion industry by creating ways to help market and promote each individual professional within fashion.

We acheive this by providing support and by offering an online portal that will help fashion professionals maintain maximum exposure through community networking. By encouraging teamwork within the fashion industry and creating descriptive jobs that will join all forms of fashion professionals through Explore Fashions' own projects.
Do YOU have what it takes? Atlanta is already a growing hot spot for the Fashion Industry Design Illustrator Buyer Marketing Manager Showroom Manager Personal Buyer Merchandise Coordinator Makeup Artist Fashion Forecaster Fashion Editor Textile Stylist Hair Stylist Fashion Show Coordinator Public Relations Coordinator Footwear Designer Fashion Designer Wardrobe Stylist Photographer Art Director Entrepreneur Branches everyone together Culture Attitude Personality Relationship Building Get YOUR name out there! Opens doors to OPPORTUNITIES Associations, clubs, interning, volunteering Trade Magazines An interactive media educational resource that hopes to organize thoughts,
foster creative ideas and confirm aspirations of current and perspective students
within fashion. Designers Suppliers Entrepreneurs Education/Qualifications Bachelors Degree of Fine Arts Often supplemented with a Business/Fashion Marketing
degree. Minimum of 2-4 years experience within
industry. Image Consultant Other Qualifications Creativity Esthetic Skill Strong Portfolio Communication/Teamwork Skill Problem Solving Skills FeFe Fashion, a virtual personality, has been created to represent the face of Explore Fashions. This edgy figure is just what the fashion world needs.

Become involved by being a FeFe'ette. A FeFe'ette is a person that loves fashion and isn't afraid to let the world know it. To become involved, visit our Community section and click on FeFe In Focus to learn more.
EF Magazine

An online (printed quarterly) reality lifestyle magazine that highlights the skills & talents of those within Atlanta fashion.

E Showcase - streaming fashion QVC styled programming that highlights the ideas and products of talented fashion individuals.

E Directory -

Expression Artistic Freedom EXPLORE FASHIONS PRODUCT OFFERINGS EF Magazine - a reality based fashion publication that highlights everyday fashion E Showcase - 24/7 streaming fashion QVC styled programming platform that presents the fashions, products and the ideas of individuals in the emerging fashion community E Directory - contact information on local and national fashion related businesses E Community - free members profiles that allows you to network with the fashion professionals
around you Market Place (Coming Soon) - a virtual mall application that allows users to sell thier goods and
products through ExploreFashions.com
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