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Beginning Teacher Training 2013-2014

No description

Andi Thomas

on 14 March 2014

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Transcript of Beginning Teacher Training 2013-2014

Beginner Teacher

Why we are here?
We are here to teach you the basics of the SEIS system.

Policy and procedures may vary from SELPA to SELPA and you will find that SELPA’s often do the same thing in very different ways.

It is important to know and understand your SELPA’s policies, procedures, guidelines, and requirements. Talk to your SELPA about your particular needs.

During SEIS training, if you have questions about forms, policies, and procedures. These need to be answered by your SELPA or DISTRICT representatives.
Things to Know
Let's Log On
Since 2003 SEIS has grown into a team of 90 SELPAs, over 900 school districts, 60,000 teachers and administrators and over 600,000 students across California!
CAlifornia Special Education Management Information System
They are the state entity to which all special education information is reported.

Some people have referred to CASEMIS as the:

CASEMIS involves funding. It is very important (just ask your superintendent!).
This data is so important that you cannot Affirm the IEP in SEIS until this data is complete.

Most of this data is required on a legal IEP.
There are tools in SEIS to help you identify CASEMIS data fields. There are also error checks.

There are two CASEMIS reporting dates: December 1 and June 30.

December 1 is a report of all eligible students at that date.

June 30 is a report of all currently eligible students and all services they received during the previous 12 months,


Have exited during the previous 12 months and all services they received during that time.
Were assessed during the previous 12 months regardless of the outcome of the assessment.
Students who exited your post-secondary program the PREVIOUS fiscal year.
SEIS was created by educators, for educators by CEDR Systems, a part of San Joaquin County Office of Education.

It is an online IEP and data management system which launched in 2003 in the San Joaquin County SELPA

The idea was simple, use shared, centralized data :

To streamline the process of writing IEPs by eliminating the need for excessive repetition.

To make it easier for SELPAs and districts to mange and report accurate information to local, state, and federal reporting agencies.

So Teachers and Admin/Clerical staff benefit from each other’s work instead of being at odds with one another.
Pay attention to news items and other instruction from your SELPA and district during the reporting seasons.

Agree to the Terms
Basic Structure
IEP Life Cycle
The Log In Screen
If you forget your SEIS password, contact your district or SELPA SEIS Administrator.

Do Not Share your SEIS password with anyone.

Do not have your computer “remember” your password.

Do not put a sticky note with “SEIS PASSWORD is Fluffy123” on your desk or computer.

You can be held liable for any breach of confidentiality.

Same structure for all
SELPA’s using SEIS

All Demographic data
Parent Guardian Information
School, District Information
Important Dates
All CASEMIS data
Disciplinary Actions
Student Record Notes and


Forms selected by individual
Over time will have many iterations

Contains all IEP forms:
Present Levels
Behavior Support
Student Record:
Future, Current, History

Shared information “flows” back and forth between
the Student Record and the FUTURE IEP.
Shared Information:
What not to do on the internet
Do NOT use the back button
Do NOT browse SEIS in multiple tabs
Do NOT log in as the SAME user in different browsers
All of these things will cause data loss
(YOUR last name, first 3 letters of YOUR first name)
Open Browser:
Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari or Chrome

Address Bar at very top:

User Name: lastnamefir

Some Useful Information
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