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Analysis of Homo Suburbiensis

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melanie stedman

on 12 August 2014

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Transcript of Analysis of Homo Suburbiensis

Bruce Dawe Poetry
Both poems have strong use of imigary and similar themes that relate to Bruce Dawe in one way or another. Although both poems are built around similar themes they are both about completely different people. One that stays in one place and one that moves around.
Mel and Nat
Anaylysis Of Drifters
The poem is about a family that is always on the move with no place to settle down for long hence the title drifters. The poem also looks at the members of the family's response to frequently changing houses and how it is affecting them. Drifters uses a variety of techniques to explain that the family is unable to establish as they keep moving on a regular basis. Throughout the poem it is also seen that there are problems arising between each member of the family because there are different opinions on the situation.
Analysis of Homo Suburbiensis
The poem represents a man in a world of change. All he needs is his vegetable patch, where there is simplicity, and all the things he takes with him there. whilst the man stands there manifesterd in his garden he is interupted by the smell of smoke and we recognise now that this is the complication - although he doesnt quite know because he is lost in the tranquility of his garden. The only qualities this man has "to offer is his pain, time, love, hate, age, war, death, laughter and fever." the poem talks about how important ordinary humans are and the nobility of their plain humanity is an essential theme conveyed throughout Homo Surburbiensis.
Techniques of Drifters
"green tomatoes" - symbolises that they planted the tomatoes and they were so close to getting ripe tomatoes but they have to move again so they didnt get the chance.
Onomatopiea "bumps" - helps create emphasis and helps to create an image in out minds of what is happening in that particulare scene.
Tone - it is a conversational tone as it is third person but the mood it gives you is sentimental.

Techniques in Homo Suburbienis
"One constant in a world of variables"
- Bruce Dawe has described the mans characterisitics and his actions from the very first line of the poem, suggesting that this man is an unchanging character in a world where everything is changing around him.
"And all the things he takes down with him there" - the only things that he takes with him down to his garden are his thoughts.
The use of imagery to visualise the appearance of the garden.
Tone is peacful and is a symbolic technique to potray meaning into the poem of a man with an open mind surrounded with a completely opposite world of stress and chaos.

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